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Priority Based Queue

Author XAP Version Last Updated Reference Download
Shay Hassidim 8.0.0 Feb 2011


To implement a Priority based Queue you should use the Take operation with SQLQuery having the priority field used as part of the query. This field should use the EXTENDED index type.

You can query for all objects which got their priority bigger than X (priority > X) or query for objects based on a range (Y > priority > X). In both cases the objects will be taken from the space in an orderly manner based on their field values.

See below example code:

GigaSpace space = new GigaSpaceConfigurer (new UrlSpaceConfigurer(spaceURL)).gigaSpace();
String queryStr = "priority>" + priorityMin + " and priority<"+ priorityMax;
SQLQuery query = new SQLQuery(Order.class.getName(), queryStr);
Object template = space.snapshot(query);
while (true) {
    Object result = space.take (template ,100000);
    if result(!=null)

The Order Class will have the Priority indexed:

import com.gigaspaces.annotation.pojo.SpaceClass;
import com.gigaspaces.annotation.pojo.SpaceId;
import com.gigaspaces.annotation.pojo.SpaceIndex;
import com.gigaspaces.annotation.pojo.SpaceRouting;
import com.gigaspaces.metadata.index.SpaceIndexType;

public class Order {
    public Integer priority;
    public Integer id;
    public Long timestamp;
    public Order()

    public String toString()
        return "id:" + id + " priority:" + priority + " timestamp:"+timestamp;

    public Integer getId() {
        return id;

    public void setId(Integer id) { = id;

    public Integer getPriority() {
        return priority;

    public void setPriority(Integer priority) {
        this.priority = priority;

    public Long getTimestamp() {
        return timestamp;

    public void setTimestamp(Long timestamp) {
        this.timestamp = timestamp;


This is a Priority based queue example - It includes 2 parts:

– Master - Write Orders into the space with a random priority (1-9) – Worker - Consume Orders from the space where the consumption order is based on their priority value.

With this example we have one Master thread and two worker threads.


This demo can be modified to have:

  • Different amount of queues
  • Different amount of workers that deals with different queue. For example - queue with high priority Orders will have more workers than low priority Orders: Worker 1 : priorities 1-3 - High priories orders Worker 2 : priorities 4-6 - Mid priories orders Worker 3 : priorities 7-9 - Low priories orders

To run:

  1. Extract the attached.
  2. Load the example project into your IDE.
  3. Set the project classpath to include GigaSpaces jars located under \gigaspaces-xap\lib\required folder.
  4. Run the com.gigaspaces.examples.priorityq.PriorityQueueExample main.

Expected output:

Welcome to GigaSpaces Priority Based Queue Example
Connect to space:/./mySpace OK!
Master Started - Thread ID:99
Worker 1 Started Query:priority>0
Worker 0 Started Query:priority>0
Worker 0 priority>0 :Processing Order:id:85 priority:1 timestamp:1270582548559
Worker 1 priority>0 :Processing Order:id:82 priority:1 timestamp:1270582548499
Worker 0 priority>0 :Processing Order:id:67 priority:1 timestamp:1270582548199
Worker 1 priority>0 :Processing Order:id:56 priority:1 timestamp:1270582547978
Worker 0 priority>0 :Processing Order:id:48 priority:1 timestamp:1270582547818
Worker 1 priority>0 :Processing Order:id:44 priority:1 timestamp:1270582547738
Worker 0 priority>0 :Processing Order:id:38 priority:1 timestamp:1270582547618
Worker 1 priority>0 :Processing Order:id:35 priority:1 timestamp:1270582547558
Worker 0 priority>0 :Processing Order:id:21 priority:1 timestamp:1270582547275
Worker 1 priority>0 :Processing Order:id:15 priority:1 timestamp:1270582547155
Worker 0 priority>0 :Processing Order:id:13 priority:1 timestamp:1270582547115
Worker 1 priority>0 :Processing Order:id:8 priority:1 timestamp:1270582547015
Worker 0 priority>0 :Processing Order:id:89 priority:2 timestamp:1270582548639
Worker 1 priority>0 :Processing Order:id:87 priority:2 timestamp:1270582548599
Worker 0 priority>0 :Processing Order:id:68 priority:2 timestamp:1270582548219
Worker 1 priority>0 :Processing Order:id:53 priority:2 timestamp:1270582547918
Worker 0 priority>0 :Processing Order:id:47 priority:2 timestamp:1270582547798
Worker 1 priority>0 :Processing Order:id:36 priority:2 timestamp:1270582547578
Worker 0 priority>0 :Processing Order:id:34 priority:2 timestamp:1270582547538
Worker 0 priority>0 :Processing Order:id:84 priority:3 timestamp:1270582548539
Worker 1 priority>0 :Processing Order:id:25 priority:2 timestamp:1270582547355
Worker 0 priority>0 :Processing Order:id:80 priority:3 timestamp:1270582548459
Worker 1 priority>0 :Processing Order:id:77 priority:3 timestamp:1270582548399
Worker 0 priority>0 :Processing Order:id:58 priority:3 timestamp:1270582548019
Worker 1 priority>0 :Processing Order:id:51 priority:3 timestamp:1270582547878
Worker 0 priority>0 :Processing Order:id:46 priority:3 timestamp:1270582547778
Worker 0 priority>0 :Processing Order:id:42 priority:3 timestamp:1270582547698
Worker 0 priority>0 :Processing Order:id:37 priority:3 timestamp:1270582547598
Worker 1 priority>0 :Processing Order:id:43 priority:3 timestamp:1270582547718
Worker 1 priority>0 :Processing Order:id:7 priority:3 timestamp:1270582546995
Worker 0 priority>0 :Processing Order:id:32 priority:3 timestamp:1270582547498
Worker 1 priority>0 :Processing Order:id:2 priority:3 timestamp:1270582546889
Worker 0 priority>0 :Processing Order:id:94 priority:4 timestamp:1270582548739
Worker 1 priority>0 :Processing Order:id:90 priority:4 timestamp:1270582548659
Worker 0 priority>0 :Processing Order:id:73 priority:4 timestamp:1270582548319
Worker 1 priority>0 :Processing Order:id:62 priority:4 timestamp:1270582548099
Worker 0 priority>0 :Processing Order:id:60 priority:4 timestamp:1270582548059
Worker 1 priority>0 :Processing Order:id:55 priority:4 timestamp:1270582547958
Worker 0 priority>0 :Processing Order:id:54 priority:4 timestamp:1270582547938
Worker 1 priority>0 :Processing Order:id:30 priority:4 timestamp:1270582547455
Worker 0 priority>0 :Processing Order:id:12 priority:4 timestamp:1270582547095
Worker 1 priority>0 :Processing Order:id:9 priority:4 timestamp:1270582547035
Worker 0 priority>0 :Processing Order:id:6 priority:4 timestamp:1270582546973
Worker 1 priority>0 :Processing Order:id:81 priority:5 timestamp:1270582548479
Worker 0 priority>0 :Processing Order:id:76 priority:5 timestamp:1270582548379
Worker 1 priority>0 :Processing Order:id:72 priority:5 timestamp:1270582548299
Worker 0 priority>0 :Processing Order:id:69 priority:5 timestamp:1270582548239
Worker 1 priority>0 :Processing Order:id:66 priority:5 timestamp:1270582548179
Worker 0 priority>0 :Processing Order:id:50 priority:5 timestamp:1270582547858
Worker 1 priority>0 :Processing Order:id:45 priority:5 timestamp:1270582547758
Worker 0 priority>0 :Processing Order:id:41 priority:5 timestamp:1270582547678
Worker 0 priority>0 :Processing Order:id:18 priority:5 timestamp:1270582547215
Worker 1 priority>0 :Processing Order:id:27 priority:5 timestamp:1270582547395
Worker 0 priority>0 :Processing Order:id:17 priority:5 timestamp:1270582547195
Worker 1 priority>0 :Processing Order:id:11 priority:5 timestamp:1270582547075
Worker 0 priority>0 :Processing Order:id:93 priority:6 timestamp:1270582548719
Worker 1 priority>0 :Processing Order:id:86 priority:6 timestamp:1270582548579
Worker 0 priority>0 :Processing Order:id:83 priority:6 timestamp:1270582548519
Worker 1 priority>0 :Processing Order:id:65 priority:6 timestamp:1270582548159
Worker 0 priority>0 :Processing Order:id:63 priority:6 timestamp:1270582548119
Worker 1 priority>0 :Processing Order:id:20 priority:6 timestamp:1270582547255
Worker 0 priority>0 :Processing Order:id:3 priority:6 timestamp:1270582546909
Worker 1 priority>0 :Processing Order:id:1 priority:6 timestamp:1270582546794
Worker 0 priority>0 :Processing Order:id:91 priority:7 timestamp:1270582548679
Worker 1 priority>0 :Processing Order:id:74 priority:7 timestamp:1270582548339
Worker 0 priority>0 :Processing Order:id:71 priority:7 timestamp:1270582548279
Worker 1 priority>0 :Processing Order:id:59 priority:7 timestamp:1270582548039
Worker 0 priority>0 :Processing Order:id:57 priority:7 timestamp:1270582547999
Worker 0 priority>0 :Processing Order:id:49 priority:7 timestamp:1270582547838
Worker 1 priority>0 :Processing Order:id:52 priority:7 timestamp:1270582547898
Worker 0 priority>0 :Processing Order:id:39 priority:7 timestamp:1270582547638
Worker 1 priority>0 :Processing Order:id:31 priority:7 timestamp:1270582547475
Worker 0 priority>0 :Processing Order:id:26 priority:7 timestamp:1270582547375
Worker 1 priority>0 :Processing Order:id:22 priority:7 timestamp:1270582547295
Worker 0 priority>0 :Processing Order:id:16 priority:7 timestamp:1270582547175
Worker 1 priority>0 :Processing Order:id:14 priority:7 timestamp:1270582547135
Worker 0 priority>0 :Processing Order:id:5 priority:7 timestamp:1270582546949
Worker 1 priority>0 :Processing Order:id:4 priority:7 timestamp:1270582546929
Worker 0 priority>0 :Processing Order:id:96 priority:8 timestamp:1270582548779
Worker 1 priority>0 :Processing Order:id:78 priority:8 timestamp:1270582548419
Worker 0 priority>0 :Processing Order:id:75 priority:8 timestamp:1270582548359
Worker 1 priority>0 :Processing Order:id:64 priority:8 timestamp:1270582548139
Worker 0 priority>0 :Processing Order:id:28 priority:8 timestamp:1270582547415
Worker 1 priority>0 :Processing Order:id:24 priority:8 timestamp:1270582547335
Worker 0 priority>0 :Processing Order:id:23 priority:8 timestamp:1270582547315
Worker 1 priority>0 :Processing Order:id:19 priority:8 timestamp:1270582547235
Worker 0 priority>0 :Processing Order:id:95 priority:9 timestamp:1270582548759
Worker 1 priority>0 :Processing Order:id:92 priority:9 timestamp:1270582548699
Worker 0 priority>0 :Processing Order:id:88 priority:9 timestamp:1270582548619
Worker 1 priority>0 :Processing Order:id:79 priority:9 timestamp:1270582548439
Worker 0 priority>0 :Processing Order:id:70 priority:9 timestamp:1270582548259
Worker 1 priority>0 :Processing Order:id:61 priority:9 timestamp:1270582548079
Worker 0 priority>0 :Processing Order:id:40 priority:9 timestamp:1270582547658
Worker 1 priority>0 :Processing Order:id:33 priority:9 timestamp:1270582547518
Worker 0 priority>0 :Processing Order:id:29 priority:9 timestamp:1270582547435
Worker 1 priority>0 :Processing Order:id:10 priority:9 timestamp:1270582547055