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Refreshable Business Logic Example

Author XAP Version Last Updated Reference Download
Shravan (Sean) Kumar, 7.1.3 Example


Service Reloading page explains how Refreshable context can be used to reload business logic. Find a modified version of Helloworld example which is included in the GigaSpaces installation configured for refreshable business logic.

Source Code

Processor code from the Helloworld example is modified to implement Spring InitializingBean and DisplosableBean interfaces.

public class Processor implements InitializingBean, DisposableBean {
    Logger logger=Logger.getLogger(this.getClass().getName());

     * Process the given Message and return it to the caller.
     * This method is invoked using OpenSpaces Events when a matching event
     * occurs.
    public Message processMessage(Message msg) {"Processor PROCESSING: " + msg);
        msg.setInfo(msg.getInfo() + "World !!");
        return msg;

    public Processor() {"Processor instantiated, waiting for messages feed...");

    public void afterPropertiesSet() throws Exception {"BEAN LOADED to the SPACE.");


    public void destroy() throws Exception {"BEAN DESTROYED.");


The pu.xml for the processor is now split into two parts. The Space is defined in the pu.xml and refreshable business logic is defined as part of the refreshable-beans.xml file. You will also need a file to disable the pu download.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<beans xmlns=""

    <!-- For injecting GigaSpaces automatically -->

        A bean representing a space (an IJSpace implementation).
    <os-core:space id="space" url="/./processorSpace">
        <os-core:filter-provider ref="remotingServiceExporter"/>

        Defines a local Jini transaction manager (will be used for transactional operations with the space).
    <os-core:local-tx-manager id="transactionManager" space="space"/>

        A wrapper bean to the space to provide OpenSpaces simplified space API (built on top of IJSpace/JavaSpace).
    <os-core:giga-space id="gigaSpace" space="space" tx-manager="transactionManager"/>

    <!-- reloadable beans go into this Spring configuration file -->
    <os-remoting:service-exporter id="remotingServiceExporter">
        <os-remoting:service ref="refreshableBeans"/>

    <os-core:refreshable-context-loader id="refreshableBeans"

    <os-sla:sla cluster-schema="partitioned-sync2backup"
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<beans xmlns=""

    <os-core:giga-space-context />

        The processor bean
    <bean id="helloProcessor" class="org.openspaces.example.helloworld.processor.Processor"/>

        A Polling Container bean that performs repeated take operations
        from the space of objects matching a defined template.
        (The take operations are by default blocking, which means a single
        take operation is waiting until a match is found)
        The template here instructs the polling container to take objects
        of type Message with their "info" attribute set to "Hello ".
        When a match is found, the object is taken and passed to a listener bean
        - here the listener is the previously defined Processor bean.
        This bean has the method processMessage(), which is invoked on the
        taken object, retuning a processed object.
        After the object is processed, it is written back to the space by the Polling Container.
    <os-events:polling-container id="helloProcessorPollingEventContainer" giga-space="gigaSpace">
    <os-events:tx-support tx-manager="transactionManager"/>
        <bean class="org.openspaces.example.helloworld.common.Message">
            <property name="info" value="Hello "/>
            <os-events:delegate ref="helloProcessor"/>


Running the Example

Step 1. Extract the example archive into a folder. Navigate to the folder (calling it ), modify the setDevEnv.bat file to have proper paths for GigaSpaces home, Java home and Ant home. Also modify the NIC_ADDR variable to have proper ip address. Run the startShell.bat script. This will open a command window.

Step 2. Build the example to use your GigaSpaces and Java versions using following,

 build dist

Step 3. Start a gs-agent using the provided script.


*Step 4. Run the ant task “deploy-processor” to deploy the processor space.

 build deploy-processor

Confirm that the processor space was deployed successfully using a gs-ui session.

Step 5. Run the ant task “run-feeder” to load data into the space. This will put 1000 Data objects into the space.

 build run-feeder

You will see that the processor code that was used to process these messages by inspecting the log messages.

[gsc][2/6872]   2011-01-21 13:25:31,470 processor.1 [1]/refreshableBeans INFO
[org.openspaces.example.helloworld.processor.Processor] - Processor PROCESSING: id [144] info[Hello ]
[gsc][2/6872]   2011-01-21 13:25:31,473 processor.1 [1]/refreshableBeans INFO
[org.openspaces.example.helloworld.processor.Processor] - Processor PROCESSING: id [292] info[Hello ]
[gsc][2/6872]   2011-01-21 13:25:31,476 processor.1 [1]/refreshableBeans INFO
[org.openspaces.example.helloworld.processor.Processor] - Processor PROCESSING: id [258] info[Hello ]

Step 6. Make code changes to processor to simulate business logic changes. (You can use the newer version of Processor code provided in this file “\processor\src\org\openspaces\example\helloworld\processor\NewProcessorCode.txt”. This version modifies the processor to log new messages to simulate business logic change).

Step 7. Run the ant task “build copy-processor-classes” to copy the new version of Processor bean to appropriate GigaSpaces folders. Step 8. Run the refresh client using refresh.bat to reload the new classes. If everything worked fine you should see messages similar to below on the gs-agent window (or space logs),

[gsc][1/12464]  2011-01-21 13:30:29,971 processor.2 [1]/refreshableBeans INFO
[org.openspaces.example.helloworld.processor.Processor] - BEAN DESTROYED.
[gsc][2/6872]   2011-01-21 13:30:29,978 processor.1 [1]/refreshableBeans INFO
[org.openspaces.example.helloworld.processor.Processor] - BEAN DESTROYED.
[gsc][2/6872]   2011-01-21 13:30:30,180 processor.1 [1]/refreshableBeans INFO
[org.openspaces.example.helloworld.processor.Processor] - New Processor instantiated, waiting for messages feed...
[gsc][2/6872]   2011-01-21 13:30:30,246 processor.1 [1]/refreshableBeans INFO
[org.openspaces.example.helloworld.processor.Processor] - New BEAN LOADED to the SPACE.
[gsc][1/12464]  2011-01-21 13:30:30,340 processor.2 [1]/refreshableBeans INFO
[org.openspaces.example.helloworld.processor.Processor] - New Processor instantiated, waiting for messages feed...
[gsc][1/12464]  2011-01-21 13:30:30,389 processor.2 [1]/refreshableBeans INFO
[org.openspaces.example.helloworld.processor.Processor] - New BEAN LOADED to the SPACE.

Step 9. Run the feeder again and this time the Data should be processed using newer version of Processor Logic and log messages in the gs-agent window (or space logs) will look like below,

 [gsc][2/6872]   2011-01-21 13:31:21,906 processor.1 [1]/refreshableBeans INFO
[org.openspaces.example.helloworld.processor.Processor] - New Processor PROCESSING: id[132] info[Hello ]
[gsc][2/6872]   2011-01-21 13:31:21,908 processor.1 [1]/refreshableBeans INFO
[org.openspaces.example.helloworld.processor.Processor] - New Processor PROCESSING: id[104] info[Hello ]
[gsc][2/6872]   2011-01-21 13:31:21,915 processor.1 [1]/refreshableBeans INFO
[org.openspaces.example.helloworld.processor.Processor] - New Processor PROCESSING: id[102] info[Hello ]