Early Access


16.1.0 M1 (August-16-2021)



Features and Enhancements

  • GS-14566: Allow coding Instance SLA - currently class path issue
  • GS-14586: Upgrade Netty to 4.1.66
  • GS-14587: Upgrade H2 to 1.4.200
  • GS-14581: Add property for Primary Key First
  • GS-14573: Support SUM aggregation with scalar
  • GS-14572: upgrade Avatica to 1.18.0

Resolved Issues

  • GS-14591: xap-jdbc.jar is not installed when running "gs maven install" command
  • GS-14557: Unable to run with Custom SSL Filter using manager due to class loader issues
  • GS-14553: GS_LUS_OPTIONS for xmx are not taken when gs script runs without a manager
  • GS-14571: NPE when running query with NULLIF

Known Issues

There are no known issues at this time.