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Excel that Scales Solution

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Pini Cohen 6.6


This section gets you started with the Excel integration by understanding its available functionality, how to develop the integration components and how to configure, deploy and run the solution.

Along with several examples that can be used as starting points for development, it includes supported platforms and a short description of testing that was performed to validate the proposed patterns.

GigaSpaces-Excel Integration Patterns

There are two main problems that the GigaSpaces-Excel solution is relevant for:

– You are working with a very large amount of data, which causes Excel to slow down or freeze
- However, you need only a portion of your data to be displayed in Excel at a time
- You need the spreadsheet to be updated constantly
blue_arrow2.jpg Data offload
– You are performing very complex calculations, or a large amount of calculations in Excel
- These calculations are costly
– they cause Excel to slow down or freeze; or slow down other applications
blue_arrow2.jpg Calculation offload