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ODBC Driver

Author XAP Version Last Updated Reference Download
Shay Hassidim 7.1 April 2010


GigaSpaces Data-Grid support standard data access API. One of them is the JDBC Driver. Using the JDBC API and ODBC-JDBC bridge such as the one comes from Open Link Software, you can use standard ODBC API to access the GigaSpaces Data-Grid.

GigaSpaces Installation

  • You can download Gigaspaces java version from
  • Unzip the downloaded file into a directory on your local machine. (Note: make sure the directory path does not have any spaces). This directory will be referred as in further instructions.
  • Download and install the latest version of Java JDK.
  • Set a JAVA_HOME variable to the path where you have installed the JDK.

GigaSpaces Configuration

  • Start the GigaSpaces Agent by running \bin\gs-agent.bat(bat).
  • Start the management UI by running \bin\

Create a new user

Create a new user “user” and password “password” and grant it all access privileges. See GigaSpaces Management Center Security for instructions.

Deploy a Secured Space

  • Click the “Deploy In-Memory Data Grid” button (top left, second button) in the UI.
  • In the dialog select the following properties:
DataGrid Name : mySpace
Space Schema : default
Secured Space checkbox enabled
User name : user, password: password
Cluster Schema <None>

And deploy the space.

ODBC-JDBC bridge

  • Download and install the ODBC-JDBC bridge from.
  • Set the following environment variables in your system:
PATH=<Your Java Install directory>\jre\bin\server;%PATH%
CLASSPATH=<GigaSpaces root>lib\required\commons-logging.jar;
<GigaSpaces root>\lib\required\gs-openspaces.jar;<GigaSpaces root>\lib\required\gs-runtime.jar;
<GigaSpaces root>\lib\required\spring.jar
  • Create a new OpenLink ODBC datasource with the following properties:
JDBC Driver : com.j_spaces.jdbc.driver.GDriver
URL String: jdbc:gigaspaces:url:jini://*/*/mySpace
User name  User name : user, Password: password

You can test the connection using the openlink sample application at Program Files\OpenLink Software\UDA\Samples\Odbc