Your First JPA Application

This tutorial explains how the sample Spring PetClinic application can be fine tuned to use GigaSpaces XAP JPA API and deployed into the GigaSpaces XAP platform.

Will show you how to:

  • Adjust the PetClinic domain model to use the distributed XAP JPA implementation
  • Utilize scalable distributed patterns such as partitioning, colocation of data and business logic and Map/Reduce to scale your JPA application
  • Deploy the application on to the XAP runtime environment to achieve high availability and self healing capabilities

Adjusting Your JPA Domain Model to XAP’s Distributed JPA Implementation
Shows how to adjust the PetClinic’s JPA domain model to XAP’s JPA implementation and deals with issues such as data partitioning and indexing

Using the Power of the Space to Scale Your Data Access Layer
Shows how to implement the PetClinic’s data access layer using Space based remoting and colocation of data and business logic.

Building & Running the Application
Shows how to build and deploy the application to the GigaSpaces runtime environment