This part of the documentation website is obsolete. Please see the new Solution Hub.

Solutions, Patterns & Best Practices

The content provided here is a collection of known patterns, solutions and best practices for GigaSpaces products, most of which are based on real-life use cases. Each topic is listed with its author/origin, and the product version that it was tested with. The content is divided into the following sections.


The topics are presented as is. While most of them are used in real-life use cases and production environments, they should not be considered as fully productized artifacts, and you should test them in your own environment before using them.

  • Examples - This section provides tutorials and examples of simple applications that can be developed and deployed with the data grid, covering several types of architectures and business needs.
  • Data Access Patterns - This section contains topics that address integrations with a wide variety of third-party applications and platforms, which may be helpful in the development process over GigaSpaces products.
  • Parallel Processing and Message Patterns - This section contains a number of topics that describe a number of different processing and messaging patterns in detail.
  • Setup Production Environment - This section provides informaton and implementation examples that may be useful in the later stages of development, when production environment considerations become more important.
  • WAN-Based Deployment - This section describes several use cases for implementing a WAN gateway for multi-region and disaster recovery scenarios.
  • Solutions - This section presents solutions to issues that may be encountered in the field.
  • InsightEdge - This section describes integrations with analytics tools and libraries, along with integrations in Kubernetes environments.