This page describes an older version of the product. The latest stable version is 16.4.


The XAP c++ API has been designed to allow the same level of flexibility, usability and interoperability of the Java POJO counterpart API for building scalable, low-latency SBA applications.

  • Overview
    An overview of the c++ XAP API.

  • The Space Interface
    An overview of the main capabilities provided by GigaSpaces C++ API

  • Mapping file
    Elements that are available to be used in your gs.xml file and supported types.

  • Type Converter
    How to implement unsupported data types by creating user-defined packaging code.

  • Processing Unit
    The c++ processing unit.

  • Code Generator
    CPP API Code Generator utility. Generates your header files using the gs.xml input files

  • gsxml Utility
    The gsxml2cpp utility generates serializer code, created by the gs.xml file, allowing you to perform space operations.

  • Examples