This page describes an older version of the product. The latest stable version is 16.4.

Java System Properties

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Refer to the SystemProperties class for more details.
Property name Description Default value GigaSpaces home directory.
Not required, if not set explicitly, it is resolved
JSHOMEDIR Security property indicating whether the GSM and GSC should be loaded in a secured mode. false (non-secured) The location of the deploy directory of the GSM. XAPHOME/deploy The location of the work directory of the GSM and GSC. XAPHOME/work Defines the sleep timeout between iterations in the Active election algorithm 1000 msec Disables the duplication filtering mechanism used to avoid double processing of packets after recovery. false Boolean property. Must be set to true when working with external data source false Boolean property. Must be set to true when the cluster uses external data source and
a central database to keep its data
false Factory class that is used to load communication filter. empty Name of the keystore file that should be used by SSL communication filter. empty Keystore password that should be used by SSL communication filter. empty Used in browser UI to set the default SpaceURL address field. mySpace_container controls the default container name in the Space Browser Space URL field, when the browser is started. Boolean value. Setting this property to true indicates to start a Webster HTTPD server inside the Space Browser. Indicates to start Webster HTTPD in the specified port. By default, it uses an 9813 port or generated one if it is used. 9813 SpaceBrowser UI Look and Feel. Sets the Space Browser unicast discovery using hostname:port URL. <ip-address> can be used if multicast is disabled on the local machine. In such a case, the unicast protocol is used for the lookup discovery (unicast discovery is disabled by default). By default it is not set Used in clustered configuration to provide same prefix for all cluster members URL 0 i.e. rmi:RMIRegistryMachineHostName. Not set by default Boolean value. If true, display cluster configuration when space started. False Used in hibernate cache plugin. Used in examples - benchmark , query, p2p , p2p fifo , p2p JMS, SimpleQueueReceiver, SimpleQueueSender, SimpleTopicPublisher, SimpleTopicSubscriber. False Boolean value. Used at JDBC driver. If true, running query processor embedded within the application. False Used at JDBC driver. Properties file location. Allows you to view all the runtime configuration settings. Local Cache property.
as the parent directory of the JSpaces.jar file. Compresses a JMS text message’s data if its size is larger than a configured value (threshold). The message data is compressed when sent, and decompressed when received. The value assigned should be in bytes. 500000 (0.5 MB) System property that determines JMX supporting. true License key string. If true, the default file will not be loaded and none of the GS log handlers will be set to the LogManager. false Local Cache property. Boolean value. If false, performs notify operations in two way mode (ack on notify). true Local Cache property. false Local Cache property. false Sets the resource release timeout in ms. 5000 User password for SSL. Local Cache property. JMS - The minimum size (in bytes) which from where we start to compress the message body. e.g. if a 1 MB Text JMSMessage body is sent, and the compressionMinSize value is 500000 (0.5MB) then we will compress that message body (only), otherwise we will send (write) it as is. 500000 Cache factory. Boolean value. If false, does not validate cluster XML config schema. true Boolean value to set debug mode.
line.separator The GS logging formatter Line separator string.  This is the value of the line.separator property at the moment that the SimpleFormatter was created.
com.gigaspaces.start.jmx JMX property.
com.gigaspaces.start.container JMX property.
com.gigaspaces.start.httpPort Webster http port definition default 0 - free port
com.gigaspaces.start.httpServerRetries Webster http port retries - if the initial HTTP port is in use, tries ports between httpPort .. and httpPort+(N-1) default is 10, for example: initial port=1900 tries 1900, 1901, ... 1909
com.gigaspaces.start.hostAddress Webster host address. default is localhost
com.gigaspaces.start.httpRoots Webster root library locations. Default includes GigaSpaces libraries, Jini libraries, etc.
com.gigaspaces.start.addHttpRoots Additional Webster root library locations (appended to httpRoots). Used by the container schema. localhost:10098 Used by the space schema. false Used by the space schema. Used by the space schema. NIO Used by the space schema. 1 - ALL IN CACHE Used by the space schema. false Used by the space schema. Used by the cluster schemas for the CacheLoader. Used by the cluster schemas for the CacheLoader. Defines the frequency in which liveness of ‘live’ members in a cluster is monitored. See Viewing Clustered Space Status for more details. Default 10000 ms Defines the frequency in which liveness of members in a cluster is detected. See Viewing Clustered Space Status Default 5000 ms Boolean value.
Call garbage collection when performing eviction. This used when running in LRU cache policy and also at client side when using local cache.
false Boolean value.
When set to false, the XAResource does not throw an error when attempting to roll back a non-existing transaction or a transaction the has already been rolled back. For more details, see