This page describes an older version of the product. The latest stable version is 16.4.

Management Center

XAP Management Center is a GUI that allows you to view spaces, containers, and clusters and configure them, using the Space Browser tab. You can also deploy and manage services using the Deployments tab.

  • Menus and Buttons
    Using the File menu, Container menu, Space menu, Cluster menu, Windows menu, Help menu, button toolbar, and address bar.

  • Tree Panel and Configurations
    Using the Grid Tree and the Configuration Panel on the right.

  • Space Containers
    Using the Space Container Configuration tab of a container node in the Grid Tree, and tool buttons relevant for containers.

  • Working with Clusters
    Creating a cluster, replication options, load-balancing options, failover options, verifying and editing cluster definitions, visualizing clusters.

  • Working with Spaces
    Performing operations on a space in the XAP Browser.

  • Pending Notifications
    Information regarding pending notify templates