This page describes an older version of the product. The latest stable version is 16.4.

Interoperability PU

It is possible to create a processing unit which is part .NET part Java and part C++. This page assumes knowledge of creating and using OpenSpaces Processing Unit and creating and using .NET Processing Unit Container. It will cover how to properly create deployment files and directory structure for a mixed processing unit.

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C++ processing unit is based on OpenSpaces Processing Unit and therefore treated the same, see CPP Processing Unit for related information.

Creating Mixed Processing Unit Deployment Structure

A Mixed processing unit is basically two processing unit that should be deployed as one. Each one of the .NET and OpenSpaces processing unit part are developed independently but compiled into one deployment directory. The mixed processing unit should have the directory structure of both .NET Processing Unit and OpenSpaces Processing Unit under the same root directory. It should be created using a pu.xml file under <PU deployment dir>\META-INF\spring that configures the OpenSpaces processing unit and have a pu.interop.config file under the <PU deployment dir> root dir that configured the .NET Processing Unit Container. The pu.interop.config file should be configured exactly like the pu.config file (Except for the fact that is should be named pu.interop.config).

The following should be added into the <PU deployment dir>\META-INF\spring\pu.xml file as the last tag in order to support mixed processing unit:

<bean id="dotnetProcessingUnitContainer" class="org.openspaces.interop.DotnetProcessingUnitBean">

Sharing The Same Space

In some mixed processing unit scenarios there might be a need for a shared embedded space, for instance two polling containers, one in Java and one in .NET, that should poll objects from the same space. This should be done by starting an embedded space, in both the Java and the .NET processing unit parts, which has the same Url.

The pu.xml and .NET code should resemble the following:

<os-core:space id="space" url="/./interopSpace">
class MyInteropProcessingUnit : AbstractProcessingUnitContainer

  public override void Initialize()
    SpaceConfig spaceConfig = new SpaceConfig();
    spaceConfig.ClusterInfo = _clusterInfo;
    ISpaceProxy proxy = GigaSpacesFactory.FindSpace("/./interopSpace", spaceConfig);