This page describes an older version of the product. The latest stable version is 16.4.

Deployment and Administration

The primary focus of the Administrator’s Guide, is to provide both a basic, as well as more advanced overview of the GigaSpaces XAP administration and operation components.

  • Deploying and interacting with the space
    Overview of GigaSpaces in-memory data grid - how to create a data grid, connect to it, and interact with it.

  • Packaging and deployment
    The processing unit is the unit of packaging and deployment in the GigaSpaces XAP platform. This section details the anatomy and details of the processing unit.

  • Memory Management
    In this section we will explain the different Space cache policies, memory usage, and rules for exceeding physical memory capacity.

  • Reloading business logic
    The service reloading feature allows you to reload business logic (Spring beans) without shutting down the application or undeploying a Processing Unit.

  • Data grid clustering
    This section describe into details how the In-Memory-Data-Grid clustering works. It goes into the details of the fail-over, load-balancing, and replication facilities used.