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Resolved Issues

Below is a list of issues that have been fixed in GigaSpaces 9.7.X.

Key Summary Fix Version/s SalesForce ID Platform/s
GS-12141 Transaction consolidation fails when one of the participants has only transient objects 9.7.2, 10.1.0 9432 All
GS-12137 Out of memory during lrmi client handshake 9.7.2, 10.1.0 Java
GS-12122 notify update bug may result getting wrong value in rapid updates of entry 9.7.2, 10.1.0 Java
GS-12104 After split brain resolution a .NET backup Space may remain inactive 9.7.2, 10.1.0 9368 Java
GS-12101 XA transaction with suspend resume fails 9.7.2, 10.1.0 9373 Java
GS-12085 Instance missing after GSM failover due to “clustered space member must be defined in at least in one partition” 9.7.2, 10.1.0 9018 Java
GS-12077 LUS OOM in rare condition of plenty registration and unregistration of services due to disconnections 9.7.2, 10.1.0 9316 All
GS-12074 Deploy Application with dependencies hang in case of more then 2 instances per service 9.7.2, 10.1.0 9279 All
GS-12054 Pending provision of processing unit instance after failover of machine with GSM and ESM due to GSM not in sync 9.7.2, 10.1.0 9274 Java
GS-11978 Memory Leak in FIfo Groups in certain condition 9.7.2, 10.1.0 9218 All
GS-12047 Limit the query results by a system property to avoid crashing the space with large queries 9.7.2, 10.1.0 9198 All
GS-12045 .Net - IndexOutOfBoundsException when iterating over IOutgoingReplication 9.7.2, 10.1.0 .Net
GS-12043 Impossible to override NIC_ADDR at environment without dns like openstack 9.7.2, 10.1.0 Java
GS-11991 Add support of lrmi port range and wan gateway 9.7.2, 10.1.0 Java
GS-11979 IllegalArgumentException When Using SQLQuery and one of properties is compressed or binary 9.7.2, 10.1.0 9220,9275,9325,9376 Java
GS-11978 Memory Leak in FIfo Groups in certain condition 9.7.2, 10.1.0 9218 All
GS-11972 Client failed to connect to space when the disconnected machine appears first in jini url 9.7.2, 10.1.0 9200, 9529 Java
GS-11834 GSC that is supposed to be terminated due to rebalancing does not terminate 9.7.2, 10.1.0 9047 All
GS-11833 Missing parttition after reboot of node due to ESM negative capacity exception 9.7.2, 10.1.0 9017 All
GS-11832 NPE in getCachedBuffer in rare condition 9.7.2, 10.1.0 9128 All
GS-11825 SpaceMetadataException logged In loop when adding index to a type that doesn’t exists in the mirror 9.7.2, 10.1.0 9044 Java
GS-11775 NPE - when trying to resolve certain split brain scenario 9.7.2, 10.1.0 9032 All
GS-11748 LRU space with no EDS partitioned-sync2backup might face version conflict that will lead to replication error and increase redolog 9.7.2, 10.0.0 8962 All
GS-11740 Duplicate lease renewal in MapCache 9.7.2, 10.1.0 8815 Java
GS-11736 Can’t see space in gs-ui when running XAP 9.7.1 gsInstance.bat when using jdk 7u55 9.7.2, 10.0.0 Java
GS-11732 Disributed transaction over multiple clusters might cause consolidations problems 9.7.2, 10.0.0 8935 All
GS-11641 Default Notifications may not consume all concurrent resources when it could have 9.7.2, 10.0.0 8635 All
GS-11665 Ability to add GS services JAVA_OPTIONS within 9.7.2, 10.1.0 8768 Java
GS-10903 Repeatable SQLQuery with a slight difference per each SQL (changing the value is enough) for long time causes memory leak in client 9.7.2, 10.1.0 7791 All
GS-10510 Consistency issues with multisource replication when transient entries are involved (distributed transaction consolidation) 9.7.2 All
GS-11599 Limit number of LookupKeepaliveTask’s per lookup service 9.7.2, 10.0.0 9204 Java
GS-11739 Benchmark Write using batches writes actually only part of expected objects 9.7.1, 10.0.0 Java
GS-11717 XAP benchmark fails on primitiveWithoutNullValue protective mode 9.7.1, 10.0.0 All
GS-11704 Queries with empty ranges IndexOutOfBoundsException 9.7.1, 10.0.0 8894 All
GS-11690 Linq expressions without where cause throw exception 9.7.1, 10.0.0 .Net
GS-11689 Protective mode primitiveWithoutNullValue is thrown from replication 9.7.1, 10.0.0 8808 All
GS-11681 Ping cli command does not work 9.7.1, 10.0.0 Java
GS-11661 Using enums with Linq throws an exception 9.7.1, 10.0.0 .Net
GS-11652 Calendar instance is not formatted nicely in GS-ui query results 9.7.1, 10.0.0 Java
GS-11651 Web-ui: NumberFormatException thrown while parsing cpu values for specific Local values 9.7.1, 10.0.0 Java
GS-11640 Installmavenrep.bat fails because POMGenerator doesn’t generate mongo-datasource pom 9.7.1, 10.0.0 Java
GS-11633 Add Multi thread support to XAResourceImpl 9.7.1, 10.0.0 8698 Java
GS-11619 Fix installmavenrep.bat script in windows 9.7.1, 10.0.0 All
GS-11616 ReadModifiers missing default constructor 9.7.1, 10.0.0 8657 Java
GS-11615 SpaceDataSourceSplitter#initialMetadataLoad might causes NPE 9.7.1, 10.0.0 8655 All
GS-11606 Deterministic Deployment is not working on secured grid 9.7.1, 10.0.0 8642 All
GS-11561 Reading a POJO which contains a document using mongo EDS fails 9.7.1, 10.0.0 Java
GS-11536 LRMI threads cause JVM-wide slowdown with parallel reads 9.7.1, 10.0.0 8527 Java
GS-11505 StandaloneProcessingUnitContainerProvider#close() raise Interruption that cause problems in unit tests 9.7.1, 10.0.0 8518 Java
GS-11559 ESM - Scale undeployment is in progress, stuck in a loop caused by ExpectedMachineWithMoreMemoryException 9.7.0 8586 Java
GS-11532 NullPointerException in LeaseManager 9.7.0 8555 All
GS-11527 ‘DiscoveredMachineProvisioningConfigurer’ is missing the ‘reservedMemoryCapacityPerManagementMachine’ method 9.7.0 Java
GS-11522 Durable notification do not arrive when there is a gateway configured 9.7.0 Java, .Net
GS-11491 Space shutdown may hang while closing Background fifo thread on rare scenarios 9.7.0 8451 All
GS-11490 GSC failed to create a JMX server and listen on a port 9.7.0 8496 All
GS-11489 Wrong display of Machine SLA Enforcment event 9.7.0 All
GS-11487 Local View which fail to initialize due to MSE can cause replication backlog accumulation in the space 9.7.0 8475 All
GS-11486 Fix GigaMap id registration 9.7.0 Java
GS-11469 Change operation and central data base, causes a problem when sending a durable notifications 9.7.0 All
GS-11462 Restart the ESM if it cannot detect any lookup service 9.7.0 8448 Java
GS-11452 NPE replicating change operation in rare conditions 9.7.0 8439 Java, .Net
GS-11451 ESM mistakenly kills containers not registered with LUS, when it failed to start a container on that machine 9.7.0 Java
GS-11445 ESM failing to shutdown after the GSA has been stopped 9.7.0 8406 Java
GS-11442 ClassCastException may occur in reliable async target if replication backlog is over flown 9.7.0 All
GS-11440 Notify container leaseListener attribute of the @NotifyLease annotation, causes compilation errors 9.7.0 Java
GS-11435 Add missing LRMI monitoring admin API in .Net 9.7.0 .Net
GS-11433 “useLocalCache” in url definition, result in ClassCastException after reconnecting to master space 9.7.0 8385 All
GS-11431 NPE when overriding a setter method and no getter is available 9.7.0 8349 Java
GS-11419 Cassandra Space Synchronization Endpoint - writing space documents with id autogenerate=true might cause data corruption 9.7.0 Java
GS-11415 Hide news feed button if not available 9.7.0 All
GS-11414 ESM may not start if failed communicating with management GSA 9.7.0 Java
GS-11411 XSD 9.6 schemas are not provided - require internet 9.7.0 8342 All
GS-11402 When a cancel/renew multiple leases operation fails, the exceptions are ignored 9.7.0 All
GS-11397 Misleading error when specifying empty locator in url 9.7.0 8333 All
GS-11395 Local view properties ignored 9.7.0 All
GS-11394 Creating a compound index allowed from SpaceTypeDescriptorBuilder with type=extended 9.7.0 Java
GS-11391 ESM service is missing an icon in Gs-ui 9.7.0 All
GS-11388 NPE appears in logs when performing change operation with SQLQuery on local cache 9.7.0 Java, .Net
GS-11383 Upgrade Spring Security 3.1.4 9.7.0 Java
GS-11382 System parameter ignored by ui 9.7.0 8309 All
GS-11380 @EventTemplate annotation not respected when using @Archive container annotation 9.7.0 Java
GS-11375 High memory consumption when using large objects and light serialization 9.7.0 8280 Java
GS-11374 A space with EDS and mirror invokes a redundant, call to the EDS iterator/enumerator with java.lang.Object/System.Object upon creation. 9.7.0 8259 Java, .Net
GS-11368 Serialization error occurring when writing to swap replication redolog, could cause deadlock in the space 9.7.0 8304 All
GS-11365 Updating entry twice under the same transaction when object was written with lease, might cause to memory leak 9.7.0 8294 All
GS-11357 Increment by zero in change operation, causes to UnMarshallingException 9.7.0 Java, .Net
GS-11355 “Insufficient Data In Class” might appear in log while starting local view after failovers 9.7.0 8282 All
GS-11345 XAP pu.xml should use current xml schema 9.7.0 Java
GS-11339 Blocked update may throw wrong kind of exception or stay blocked in case of an internal error 9.7.0 All
GS-11331 NPE is thrown when trying to perform admin operation with non-secured admin on secured grid 9.7.0 Java, .Net
GS-11317 Typo in class name UniqueConstraintViolationException 9.7.0 Java
GS-11315 FifoGroups is not working with inheritance when the fifo groups annotation is configured on the son class 9.7.0 Java, .Net
GS-11312 Last replicated packet is kept on thread local cache which could hold up significant memory 9.7.0 8237 All
GS-11305 ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException may be thrown when working with more than one class defining FIFO Group in rare condition 9.7.0 8243 Java, .Net
GS-11303 Projections is not working with a space iterator 9.7.0 8247 Java, .Net
GS-11280 Problem presenting log in ui and admin logging API, serialization error appears when log line is too long 9.7.0 8223 All
GS-11266 NHibernate practice binaries should not be packaged in the msi 9.7.0 .Net
GS-11260 Durable notification and local view may receive notification which does not match its template of operations, under distributed transaction 9.7.0 8159 Java, .Net
GS-11254 On some scenarios, GSM may go down when GSC gets OutOfMemoryError 9.7.0 All
GS-11251 ESM fails to start GSC when one out of two LUS is down 9.7.0 Java
GS-11239 Eager Elastic PU does not self-heal when it is deployed right before second GSM starts 9.7.0 8189 Java
GS-11233 Projection on entry with auto generate id true doesn’t work 9.7.0 Java, .Net
GS-11231 Space mode change annotations are not working when a space proxy is created in the ContainerInitializing method 9.7.0 .Net
GS-11227 XAP.Net CLI Windows Service is broken - missing gs_cli.config file 9.7.0 .Net
GS-11226 When adding a dynamic gateway target, the backup space will throw an exception in the logs rejecting this addition 9.7.0 Java, .Net
GS-11223 Data replication throughput at Dashboard is not displayed as whole number 9.7.0 All
GS-11207 Exception is thrown when query projected result does not include primitive properties without null values 9.7.0 Java,.Net
GS-11191 .Net ReadMultiple with bad query result in class cast exception 9.7.0 8122 .Net
GS-11186 NPE is thrown when performing SQLQuery with template and projection on a primitive field and this filed is not part of the projection 9.7.0 Java, .Net
GS-11175 ESM stops working when it cannot discover itself 9.7.0 Java
GS-11148 TargetException:“Object does not match target type” when using Execution based remoting with two interfaces with the same method definition 9.7.0 8056 Java
GS-11142 ChangeException in .Net is not marked as serializable 9.7.0 8046 .Net
GS-11139 GigaSpaces was holding file handlers to deleted files 9.7.0 7944 All
GS-11108 Error in startGroovy.bat file when trying to use Java 6 style wildcard for jars to be added to classpath 9.7.0 8007 Java
GS-11069 Add the ability to set OpenSpacesMuleMessageReceiver max batch size on os-queue:connector 9.7.0 7943 Java