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Known Issues and Limitations

Below is a list of known issues in GigaSpaces 10.0.X.

Key Summary SalesForce ID Since Version Workaround Platform/s
GS-12817 When the Compound Index contain more than 2 properties, the order might affect the Write throughput 10356 9.7.0 Order the properties from the most rare to the most common Java
GS-12155 Objects will stay locked under transaction if Mahalo is down between the prepare and commit 9442, 9653 9.7.0 Java
GS-12588 Resource leak in Conversation class when remote host name could not be resolved 10060 9.7.2 All
GS-12607 Update object lease will not update the lease manager,if update waited on a lock 9949 9.7.2 Java
GS-12570 XAP.NET HttpSessionProvider sporadically causes 100% CPU 10029 9.7.0 Java
GS-12519 SQLQuery with composite condition might return wrong result 9936 10.2.0 Instead of writing: a in (x,y) AND (b < z OR A in (w,v)) do write: (b < z OR A in (w,v)) AND a in (x,y) Java
GS-12495 Slow Memory leak in lease manager - empty cells remains after expiration 9876 9.7.0 All
GS-12486 Transaction consolidation issues with distributed transaction with durable notification and mirror when transaction contains both objects that meets the notify template and some that don’t 8935 9.7.0 All
GS-11589 Not all threads are terminated when destroying UrlSapceContainer 10.0.0 All
GS-11622 Web-ui shows wrong instance count with replic 10.0.0 All
GS-11626 Failed to deploy data example using secured space 10.0.0 Java
GS-11629 sla.xml has side effect on spring import 8597 10.0.0 Java
GS-11632 NPE using DefaultSpaceInstance.runGc() when discoverUnmanagedSpaces used 8587 10.0.0 All
GS-11634 Redundant apostrophes in the GS_JARS variable in setenv.bat 10.0.0 Java
GS-11635 Gigaspaces’s jars missing from the classpath in startGroovy and startGroovy.bat 10.0.0 Java
GS-11636 problem deploying JPA pet clinic example petclinic-web 10.0.0 Java
GS-11646 Running a query with nested projection from Web-ui fails 10.0.0 All
GS-11647 “Create” Permission wasn’t added in GS-ui 8758 10.0.0 All
GS-11654 .Net localCache freeze on a clear operation in rare condition 8740 10.0.0 .NET
GS-11660 Bug in Linq - Parameters are valid only on the right side of the expression 10.0.0 .NET
GS-11675 Setting spaceDataSource should not move the space to LRU cache policy 10.0.0 All
GS-11679 Admin statistics history size overridden with default value 10.0.0 Java
GS-11682 Web-UI: After running and terminating gs-agent, gsa is displayed for about one minute under Hosts 10.0.0 .NET
GS-11695 MongoDB SynchronizationEndpoint- NPE when storing a map that contains a null value for a non null key 10.0.0 Java
GS-11696 Support custom initial Load query for mongo data source 10.0.0 Java
GS-11697 MongoDB-Incorrect return value in DataSyncOperation.getDataAsDocument() for duble 10.0.0 All
GS-11698 Cannot override system property 10.0.0 Java
GS-11701 RESTData cannot handle Array 10.0.0 All
GS-11711 NPE in ESM destroy in rare condition 10.0.0 ALL
GS-11712 ESM is stuck in a processing loop although the applications have been uninstalled due to unexpected exception 10.0.0 All
GS-11719 gigaspace.getTypeManager().getTypeDescriptor(type) returns the outdated type descriptor from the server 10.0.0 Java
GS-11720 GS-UI: Hidden progressbar in relocation window 10.0.0 Java
GS-11727 JavaDoc missing 10.0.0 Java
GS-11728 Syntax error message in class 8927 10.0.0 Java, .NET
GS-11744 Decreasing the height of the EDG window hides content and does not show scroll-bar 10.0.0 All
GS-11767 Opening the Types tab under Data Grids throws an exception that is not catched in the webui 10.0.0 All
GS-11768 Warning message as a result of using deprecated setAutoRenew(boolean , LeaseListener , long , long, long) method 10.0.0 Java
GS-11773 ClassCastException thrown during deployment 10.0.0 Java
GS-11774 Got SQLQueryException when using rownum < ? 8992 10.0.0 .NET
GS-11775 NPE - when trying to resolve certain split brain scenario 9032 10.0.0 All
GS-11776 Fix Shutdown API to close custom thread pool and client connection 9052 10.0.0 All
GS-11777 Watchdog should stop monitoring once the server returned a result 9031 10.0.0 All
GS-11780 Severe message in the log after killing GSA in some scenarios 9056 10.0.0 All
GS-11793 jboss should have the dependency in test scope only 9089 10.0.0 Java
GS-12817 When the Compound Index contain more than 2 properties, the order might affect the Write throughput 10356 9.7.0 Order the properties from the most rare to the most common Java
GS-11820 Fix pom.xml & WIKI to work with 9.7 RELEASE instead of SNAPSHOT 9094 10.0.0 Java
GS-11822 NPE in replicating change in rare condition 9097 10.0.0 All
GS-11824 Fail to shutdown GSC due to recovery thread that hang on socket trying to load class 9081 10.0.0 All
GS-11825 Got never ended SpaceMetadataException in the logs when adding index to an unregistered type 9044 10.0.0 java
GS-11827 Wrong number of instances displayed when PU with partitioned-sync2backup 2,0 and sla 10.0.0 Java
GS-11829 HTTP session bug 10.0.0 Java
GS-11831 D3 graph should properly update existing edge status 10.0.0 Java
GS-11832 NPE in getCachedBuffer in rare condition 9128 10.0.0 All
GS-11833 Missing partition after reboot of node due to ESM negative capacity exception 9017 10.0.0 All
GS-11834 GSC that is supposed to be terminated due to rebalancing does not terminate 9074 10.0.0 All
GS-11836 Extra backup and zombi instance after split brain in certain conditions 9119 10.0.0 Java
GS-11839 XAP.NET space space runtime statistics API is missing 10.0.0 .NET
GS-11843 _progressTimeout of recovery should be increased in blobstore recovery and add time to wait for lease reaper cycle to complete 10.0.0 Java
GS-11844 Recreation of FDFManager on the same jvm occurs once recovery fails - blobstore 10.0.0 Java
GS-11845 Deploying the Data example with the provided sla does not work properly 10.0.0 Java
GS-11936 Backwards compatibility issue: NPE is thrown when the client version is less then 10.0 and the server version is 10.0 9182 10.0.0 All
GS-10510 Consistency issues with multisource replication when transient entries are involved (distributed transaction consolidation) 9.7.0 All
GS-12817 When the Compound Index contain more than 2 properties, the order might affect the Write throughput 10356 Order the properties from the most rare to the most common Java