This part of the documentation website is obsolete. Please see the latest Release Notes.

Backward compatibility

XAP 10.0 is a major release which includes new features and improvements.

We try to maintain backward compatibility wherever possible. However, in some cases, no backward compatibility is provided.

There is a backwards compatibility issue that was found in 10.0:

Issue number is GS-11936. For more information see known issues.

This issue was fixed in service pack 10.0.1. If your deployment requires backwards compatibility between client and server please download this service pack.


As a best practice, when upgrading to XAP 10.0, unzip the latest version of XAP 10.0 and port the necessary changes from your pre-10.0 environment into your new 10.0 environment. It is recommended to use the XAP 10.0 distribution as-is. Please refer to the Upgrade Guide for more details.

The following elements affect backward compatibility:
  • XAP API and Configuration
  • XAP XAP binary compatibility (including XAP management tools)
  • Client-Server
  • Server-Server


The below table describes backwards compatibility support in XAP 10.0:


Delivery XAP API/Configuration XAP Binaries Client-Server Server-Server
Service Pack (9.7.1, …) YES YES YES YES
Major Version (8.0, 9.0 …) YES(see note on deprecation policy below) YES YES NO
  • The following is supported:

  • Applications built using 8.0.x or 9.0.x run without any code changes on a clean 10.0 installation.

  • Mixing clients and Space servers from different XAP Major Releases:Clients running on 8.0 or 9.0 can run against 10.0 servers. 8.0, 9.0 servers cannot be part of the same cluster with 10.0 servers.