This part of the documentation website is obsolete. Please see the latest Release Notes.

Resolved Issues

Below is a list of issues that have been fixed in XAP 12.1.X

Open Source

Issues fixed in 12.1 Open Source edition:

Key Summary Fix Version(s) Platform(s)
XAP-12979 Can’t override with external file while deploying war when specifying ContextLoaderListener in web.xml 12.1 Java
XAP-13013 Duplicated class ‘SpaceCacheConfig’ in 12.0 12.1 All
XAP-13017 Space failover might take an extended period of time (above 60 sec) 12.1 All
XAP-13129 Invalid fifo order 2 equal entries from same class after inital load 12.1 All
XAP-13167 Java 7u131/8u121 (and later) includes new Serialization Filter which pollutes XAP logs with WARNING messages 12.1 All
XAP-13169 Possible empty result in hola-mundo example 12.1 Java
XAP-13264 The standalone gsc.{bat/sh} script does not recognize settings in XAP_GSC_OPTIONS 12.1.1 Java
XAP-13263 Webster HTTPS affects SSL although it’s disabled 12.1.1 Java
XAP-13255 NPE in SpaceImpl.getMetricSnapshots() during un-deploy 12.1.1 Java
XAP-13253 Delete request in Manager REST API should return 404 when no matching request 12.1.1 Java
XAP-13250 REST call to getQuiesceDetails throws AdminException during active GSM failover 12.1.1 Java
XAP-13243 Extra Backup resolution when using ZooKeeper 12.1.1 Java
XAP-13232 Un-deploy through non active GSM throws Exception although successful 12.1.1 Java
XAP-13230 Read multiple with memory extend goes to blob-store before intersecting all indices 12.1.1 Java
XAP-13229 Typos in xap-manager-api.yaml 12.1.1 Java
XAP-13223 Only a Space which has been detected as unhealthy should be forcefully destroyed 12.1.1 Java
XAP-13217 ProcessingUnit undeployAndWait times out when not all GSMs are in sync 12.1.1 Java
XAP-13216 Endless warnings regarding disconnected connection after related durable notification member was removed due to long disconnection 12.1.1 Java
XAP-13194 Login to web-ui should be enforced with full equality and hashcode 12.1.1 Java
XAP-13005 Class not found in distributed task 12.1.1 Java
XAP-12050 SocketException is thrown seconds after deploying the alert-integration 12.1.1 Java

Premium and Enterprise

The Premium and enterprise editions are built on top of the Open Source edition, so naturally they include all its fixes, in addition to the following:

Key Summary Fix Version(s) Platform(s)
XAP-12789 Instance is not deployed due to pending for termination of previous instance 12.1 All
XAP-13003 EXT_JAVA_OPTIONS is ignored in gs-webui scripts 12.1 All
XAP-13008 “java.lang.LinkageError: loader constraint violation” when deploying hola-mundo in commercial edition 12.1 All
XAP-13095 Pending provision requests are not always dispatched according to their natural ordering 12.1 All
XAP-13122 Deploy of elastic space by admin client of 10.x to 12.x server fails due to change in schema name 12.1 All
XAP-13171 Backup Space fails to load after it is advertised and is never provisioned again 12.1 All
XAP-13175 SpaceInstance.waitForMode and SpaceInstance.getMode are not correlated 12.1 All
XAP-13201 threads.txt file generated by services dump utility shoulld expose number of threads 12.1 All