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New Features and Improvements

Below is a list of new features and improvements in GigaSpaces 10.1.X.

Key Summary Version Sales
Force ID
GS-12370 Added default -Xms512m -Xmx512m to all GS components and to EXT_JAVA_OPTIONS . 10.1.1 Java
GS-7738 Order by query with limit shouldn’t fetch all the entries 10.1.0 5922, 8987 All
GS-8567 Add 2 new method clearById and clearByIds(IdsQuery) that are more preformant than takeById. 10.1.0 6416,
GS-10837 Upgrade to Hibernate 4.1.8 10.1.0 Java
GS-11127 Show “CPU Starvation detected messages” in logs when running on weak platform. 10.1.0 Java
GS-11579 New off heap storage implementation that use MapDB’s byte buffers to store off heap data. 10.1.0 Java
GS-11580 EDS implementation - SSD 10.1.0 Java
GS-11581 HTTP session productization 10.1.0 Java
GS-11582 Java 8 Certification 10.1.0 Java
GS-11593 Web-UI: planned instances displayed in Applications view on each Processing Unit’s recatngle 10.1.0 Java
GS-11627 Deprecate method gigaSpace::getModifiersForIsolationLevel 10.1.0 8643 All
GS-11639 Web-UI uses large amounts of memory due to statistics retention. 10.1.0 8741,
GS-11723 Expose Blob Store configuration in GS-UI. 10.1.0 Java
GS-11726 Support ‘IN’ and ‘BETWEEN’ in queries nested values. 10.1.0 8925 Java
GS-11758 Support creating/configuring a space without using Jini url (jini:////) 10.1.0 Java
GS-11769 Improve error message “node belongs to a wrong SL”, the new error message explain the situation and how to fix the client code. 10.1.0 8967 All
GS-11779 UI - Added a ‘PID’ column in the Data Grid. 10.1.0 Java
GS-11851 Increase initial load speed from BlobStore 10.1.0 Java
GS-11870 Instead of having one ‘?’ for each ‘IN’ element, users can have a single ‘?’ for all ‘IN’ elements that passed as array or a list. 10.1.0 All
GS-11876 Allow bulk operations in blobstore to improve performance. 10.1.0 Java
GS-11890 Spring 4 upgrade 10.1.0 9312 Java
GS-11891 Upgrade EDS to Hibernate 4 10.1.0 Java
GS-11893 Space quiesce command 10.1.0 All
GS-11899 Support Java 8 lambda for custom change ops and custom aggregators. 10.1.0 Java
GS-11912 When using consistency mode quorum or all, if sync replication to quorum-1 or all of the backup fails and the operation is put in the redo log, throw an exception to the client indicating the the data does not meet the consistency requirements. 10.1.0 All
GS-11914 Add ability to annotate a numeric field with a @SpaceSequence annotation. The sequence is a monotonically increasing number incremented by 1 for every new object written to the space. 10.1.0 All
GS-11926 Improving JDBC driver performance 10.1.0 Java
GS-12008 Save filters for Hosts view
(saved filters are presented in combo and saved in local storage )
10.1.0 All
GS-12009 Add Transpose hosts screen (details pane on the right not at the bottom) 10.1.0 All
GS-12010 Implement relocation for PU instances (using dialog not drag and drop) 10.1.0 All
GS-12011 Screen layout is saved in local storage 10.1.0 All
GS-12012 Application name column is added in the hosts view. 10.1.0 All
GS-12013 A ‘type’ column was added to the hosts view. 10.1.0 All
GS-12015 Remove dashboard 10.1.0 All
GS-12016 Create an events pane, that contains - alerts, events and security events. 10.1.0 All
GS-12019 Update logo. 10.1.0 Java
GS-12022 Style of filter toolbar in hosts view should be identical to the toolbar in applications screen . 10.1.0 Java
GS-12039 Added Metrics Framework 10.1.0 All
GS-12069 Add current license to license validation error messages. 10.1.0 All
GS-12078 Separate Cassandra data source from Openspaces. (Created new repository Gigaspaces/xap-cassandra) 10.1.0 Java
GS-12079 Increase fifo-groups concurrency by creating the main list segmented. 10.1.0 All
GS-12082 Add the option for deploying elastic PU from CLI. 10.1.0 All
GS-12083 GS-12082 Add the option for deploying elastic PU from CLI. 10.1.0 All
GS-12087 Remove all hosts row from hosts view in UI. 10.1.0 Java
GS-12095 Replace Applications map view: Add processing units tree similar to hosts tree. 10.1.0 Java
GS-12099 Allow relocate PUI to another GSC from UI. 10.1.0 Java
GS-12108 Support deploying elastic application. 10.1.0 All
GS-12111 Enable a sequence-number space property (per-partition). 10.1.0 Java
GS-12112 Support wait with timeout for deployment to complete and undeploy-on-failure. 10.1.0 All
GS-12121 Support “order by nulls first/nulls last” in space queries. 10.1.0 All
GS-12124 Develop second cross views menu bar that contains: deploy, events, alerts, application selection combo sections. 10.1.0 Java
GS-12126 Improve RESTData and add make it deployable as a processing unit 10.1.0 All
GS-12130 Do not show events timeline. 10.1.0 Java
GS-12142 Change the format of printed of the system information details when XAP is started. 10.1.0 All
GS-12161 Removed SpaceXmlDocument support. 10.1.0 Java
GS-12166 Change font in gs-ui log viewer to monospace 10.1.0 All
GS-12169 Remove lib/platform/xml jars from package. 10.1.0 All
GS-12171 Enhanced XAP.NET to support settings file config via “XapNet.SettingsFile” env variable. 10.1.0 .Net
GS-12174 Add ESM support for XAP.NET. . 10.1.0 .Net
GS-12183 Show space mode in CLI ‘list’ command. 10.1.0 All
GS-12185 GS-12126 Allow to supply a full type descriptor when introducing type using the REST API. 10.1.0 All
GS-12194 Expose commandLineArguments at deployment and atMostOneConcurrentRelocatio. 10.1.0 All
GS-12200 Added support for java 8 java.time. 10.1.0 Java
GS-12203 Add getters to read some default values in DefaultGigaSpace (readTimeout, takeTimeout, WriteLease and IsolationLayer). 10.1.0 9507 Java
GS-12205 blobstore- check rate(%) in reads/takes after write threshold reached. 10.1.0 Java
GS-12207 blob-store, don’t deserialize result on remove operation. 10.1.0 All
GS-12211 End of life - UndeployingEventProcessingUnitContainer. 10.1.0 Java
GS-12225 Simplified Space Iterator API - single template (instead of collection) , bring only current entries and expose simpler API. 10.1.0 Java
GS-12226 Allow uses of providing sharedMachineProvisioning option in CLI and Application. 10.1.0 All
GS-12227 Allow ssl usage without authentication (encryption only mode). 10.1.0 All
GS-12240 GS-11893 Quiesce mode scenario: Safely undeploy a Space processing unit. 10.1.0 All
GS-12244 Remove memcached deployment option per pm request. 10.1.0 Java
GS-12248 GS-11893 Quiesce mode scenario: Safely undeploy a space processing unit with polling container. 10.1.0 Java
GS-12257 Don’t save statistics in Admin instance created by Web UI. 10.1.0 Java
GS-12270 GS-11893 Quiesce mode scenario: Hot deploy. 10.1.0 Java
GS-12284 Add metric reporter that report to a file as sample for custom reporter. 10.1.0 Java
GS-12286 Deprecated Gigaspace.snapshot() - use prepareTemplate() or getTypeManager().registerTypeDescriptor instead . 10.1.0 Java
GS-12287 Allow access to the new Quiesce/Unquiesce commands via the CLI. 10.1.0 All
GS-12289 Add space-name property to space spring definition. 10.1.0 Java