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Known Issues and Limitations

Below is a list of known issues in GigaSpaces 9.7.X.

Key Summary SalesForce ID Since version Workaround Platform/s
GS-12817 When the Compound Index contain more than 2 properties, the order might affect the Write throughput 10356 9.7.0 Order the properties from the most rare to the most common Java
GS-12155 Objects will stay locked under transaction if Mahalo is down between the prepare and commit 9442, 9653 9.7.0 Java
GS-12588 Resource leak in Conversation class when remote host name could not be resolved 10060 9.7.2 All
GS-12607 Update object lease will not update the lease manager,if update waited on a lock 9949 9.7.2 Java
GS-12570 XAP.NET HttpSessionProvider sporadically causes 100% CPU 10029 9.7.0 Java
GS-12519 SQLQuery with composite condition might return wrong result 9936 10.2.0 Instead of writing: a in (x,y) AND (b < z OR A in (w,v)) do write: (b < z OR A in (w,v)) AND a in (x,y) Java
GS-12495 Slow Memory leak in lease manager - empty cells remains after expiration 9876 9.7.0 All
GS-12486 Transaction consolidation issues with distributed transaction with durable notification and mirror when transaction contains both objects that meets the notify template and some that don’t 8935 9.7.0 All
GS-11222 Unable to run GigaSpaces component when installed under folder with ‘(’,‘)’ chars 8169 9.7.0 All
GS-11249 Error while deploying a processing unit which contains ‘#’ in its name/directory 8209 9.7.0 Java, .Net
GS-11295 Web-ui show strange log msg when trying to run custom command on gsc which contains stateful pu 9.7.0 All
GS-11320 Progress is missing when performing undeploy application/service via Web-ui 9.7.0 All
GS-11346 Web-ui doesn’t show the correct running/planned instances of a deployed application 9.7.0 All
GS-11361 Deployment of an application with dependencies on elastic pu could be slower than sequential pu deployment 9.7.0 Java
GS-11381 ESM caught in a re-balancing loop after addition of new machine 8242 9.7.0 All
GS-11408 Web-ui - Mirror stats should track change operations 9.7.0 All
GS-11418 Gs-ui - Remote Space View of selected remote space shows only portion of the data and not all 9.7.0 All
GS-11434 WAN Gateway - pass through site won’t show on Web UI 9.7.0 All
GS-11443 Discovery group selection doesn’t filter out WAN Gateway Lookup Groups 9.7.0 All
GS-11446 Client without credentials can invoke (deprecated) operations admin.restart() admin.stop() 8407 9.7.0 All
GS-11447 Client without credentials is able to get RuntimeDetails of secured space 8407 9.7.0 All
GS-11449 ESM log is cluttered when admin API cannot get statistics 9.7.0 Java
GS-11450 ESM log is cluttered by failed attempt to kill containers 9.7.0 Java
GS-11463 Need to restart the ESM if it cannot detect any lookup service during initialization 9.7.0 Java
GS-11484 Space name can not contain the word “localview” 9.7.0 All
GS-11506 WAN Gateway should have cascading replication 9.7.0 All
GS-11511 Select count(*) query from Web-ui which should return 0 throws NullPointerException 8535 9.7.0 All
GS-11518 No backup for pu deployment, if one of the two GSM was in recovery process while deployment 8513 9.7.0 All
GS-11519 Web-ui logs - Feature Requests 9.7.0 All
GS-11520 Web-ui logs - buttons are not working 9.7.0 All
GS-11534 Heap Dumps not supported on IBM jdk 9.7.0 All
GS-11537 @EventDriven @Polling @Notify should support inheritance 8560 9.7.0 Java, .Net
GS-11542 .Net ScalingAgent example - inverted arrows 9.7.0 .Net
GS-11546 ESM stateless increment instance - timeout is too big 9.7.0 Java
GS-11547 NPE in admin when primary GSM restarts 9.7.0 Java
GS-11550 Unclear UpdateOperationTimeoutException 9.7.0 All
GS-11555 Deploying with max-instances-per-zone 0 result in 1 instance 8574 9.7.0 All
GS-11557 .Net add validation that both client and server classes are including the same aliases 8546 9.7.0 .Net
GS-11561 Reading a POJO which contains a document using mongo EDS fails 9.7.0 Java
GS-11592 Web-ui ssh terminal blocked by java 1.7u51 9.7.0 Java
GS-11619 Fix installation scripts in windows 9.7.0 All
GS-11621 Bad linux scripts for the benchmark cli tool 9.7.0 Java
GS-11640 Installmavenrep.bat fails because POMGenerator doesn’t generate mongo-datasource pom 9.7.0 Java
GS-11664 AccessDeniedException in write only operation - when using role including WRITE permission 8757 9.7.0 All
GS-11679 Admin statistics history size overridden with default value 9.7.1 Java
GS-11703 XAP.NET yields CLSCompliant warnings 8903 9.7.1 .NET
GS-11736 Can’t see space in gs-ui when running gsInstance.bat when using jdk 7u55 9.7.1 Java
GS-11776 Fix Shutdown API to close custom thread pool and client connection 9052 10.0.0 All
GS-11836 Extra backup and zombi instance after split brain in certain conditions 9119 10.0.0 Java
GS-10510 Consistency issues with multisource replication when trinsiant entries are involved (distributed transaction consolidation) 9.7.0 All