This part of the documentation website is obsolete. Please see the latest Release Notes.

New Features

List of new features and improvements in XAP 12.1.

Open Source

New features and improvements in 12.1 Open Source edition:

Key Summary Fix Version(s) Platform(s)
XAP-12352 Reload modified space task without restarting the space 12.1 Java
XAP-12508 Enhance replication configuration to improve transaction handling 12.1 All
XAP-12846 Get context details (as ports) from within Web PU 12.1 Java
XAP-13009 SQL query support for full text search 12.1 All
XAP-13047 End Of Life - SpaceConfigurer destroy() 12.1 Java
XAP-13048 SpaceConfigurer now extends standard Closable interface 12.1 Java
XAP-13098 Reload modified custom change without restarting the space 12.1 Java
XAP-13100 Protective mode for ambiguous query routing 12.1 All
XAP-13101 Reload modified custom aggregate without restarting the space 12.1 Java
XAP-13105 Upgrade Spatial4J integration to v0.6 12.1 All
XAP-13106 Upgrade Lucene integration to v6.4.2 12.1 All
XAP-13116 async-supported for web PUs using Jetty 9 12.1 All
XAP-13170 Upgrade Jetty integration to v9.2.21 12.1 All
XAP-13178 End Of Life - GigaSpace operations with int modifiers 12.1 Java
XAP-13180 End Of Life - NotifyComType 12.1 Java
XAP-13254 Change memory measurements in XAP Manager API from GB (double) to bytes (long) 12.1.1 Java
XAP-13252 Enhance hosts in Manager REST API to be case insensitive 12.1.1 Java
XAP-13245 Enhanced class loader traceability 12.1.1 Java
XAP-13244 Deploy using active GSM by default in CLI,UI and Web-UI 12.1.1 Java
XAP-13238 Add last-primary attribute to Space leader election when using ZooKeeper 12.1.1 Java
XAP-13228 Improve error message when starting unknown service type in gs-agent 12.1.1 Java
XAP-13227 Enhanced validation of invalid XAP_MANAGER_SERVERS 12.1.1 Java

Premium and Enterprise

The Premium and enterprise editions are built on top of the Open Source edition, so naturally they include all its new features and improvements, in addition to the following:

Key Summary Fix Version(s) Platform(s)
XAP-11214 Web UI Custom Security 12.1 All
XAP-12988 Dump can optionally collect terminated processes information 12.1 All
XAP-13018 XAP Manager - unified management server 12.1 All
XAP-13019 Network Partition Protection for Service Grid 12.1 All
XAP-13020 Automatically use Consistent Active Election When Available 12.1 All
XAP-13021 REST API for Grid Management 12.1 All
XAP-13023 User-defined query for initial Load in MemoryXtend 12.1 All
XAP-13097 Web-UI supports SSL 12.1 All
XAP-13111 Use –zero-defaults or -z with gs-agent to start empty 12.1 All
XAP-13132 Startup system report is verbose when log level is increased 12.1 All
XAP-13144 Gs-agent supports ‘–’ syntax in addition to old ‘gsa.’ prefix 12.1 All
XAP-13157 Upgrade XAP.NET bundled java to 8u121 12.1 .NET
XAP-13179 Display XAP Manager servers in web-ui and gs-ui 12.1 All
XAP-13181 Configurable RocksDB WriteOptions for MemoryXtend space 12.1 All
XAP-13199 Deprecation - Elastic Processing Unit 12.1 All