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Known Issues and Limitations

Below is a list of known issues in GigaSpaces 10.2.X.

Key Summary SalesForce ID Workaround Platform/s
GS-12155 Objects will stay locked under transaction if Mahalo is down between the prepare and commit 9442, 9653 Java
GS-12607 Update object lease will not update the lease manager, if update waited on a lock 9949 Java
GS-12586 Missing jar from “XAP as Windows Service” example 10051 Java
GS-12570 XAP.NET HttpSessionProvider sporadically causes 100% CPU 10029 .Net
GS-12569 .Net - Fail to add indexes on document properties .Net
GS-12568 Duplicates Xmx/Xms when running gs-agent script 9998 Java
GS-12537 -XX:MaxPermSize=256m option in is not relevant for Java 8 (HOTSPOT) All
GS-12534 SimpleNotifyContainerConfigurer.create might block indefinitely if server is not responsive 9931 All
GS-12532 Memory leak using Atomikos 9917 All
GS-12529 First event polled by container is lost after PU was redeployed 9934 Java
GS-12516 Improve logging message when index unique=true and UniqueConstraintViolationException is thrown 9930 Java
GS-12503 Support common functions within SQL where clause All
GS-12475 Jetty Shared Instantiation Mode is corrupted on instance relocation Java
GS-12470 Write object with lease to LRU space when mirror is up will not result in expiration 9801 All
GS-12458 Increment stateless Processing Unit instance while healing results in actual less than planned All
GS-12457 Variable substitution does not work with os-core:security All
GS-12441 GS-UI Locator Management - Error message when trying to add a valid ipv6 address 9747 All
GS-12438 Web-UI - Exception when a SpaceDocument contains Pojo as property and querying nested properties 9756 All
GS-12817 When the Compound Index contain more than 2 properties, the order might affect the Write throughput 10356 Order the properties from the most rare to the most common