This part of the documentation website is obsolete. Please see the latest Release Notes.

VMWare Guidelines

GigaSpaces XAP fully supports deployment on virtualized environments running on VMWare Type 1 Hypervisors. This includes all major product featurs and APIs, including data access, messaging, code execution, local cache, remoting and persistency.

Supported versions

GigaSpaces supports VMWare vSphere 5+ running the following guest operating systems:

  • Windows 2008 Server SP2
  • Linux RHEL 5.x/6.x
  • Solaris 10

SUSE-10 sp3 is not recommended, due to the instability of its network support layer.


  • Only Type 1 Hypervisor is recommended for production use.
  • vCPU may be over-subscribed, if it is under-utilized (less than 50%). In environments with high CPU utilization, vCPU must be reserved (pinned).
  • Hyper-threading should be enabled.
  • vMEM must be reserved (pinned).

Other considerations

  • Do not over-commit virtual memory
  • Reserve memory at the virtual machine level
  • When using replication, use anti-affinity rules to ensure that primary and backup nodes do not share the same virtual machine and physical host.
  • Reserve sufficient memory for the operating system (~2GB per VM)


High-performance settings should be used, per VMWare’s recommendations here and here.