This part of the documentation website is obsolete. Please see the latest Release Notes.

Resolved Issues

Below is a list of issues that have been fixed in XAP 12.0.X.

Key Summary Fix Version/s Platform/s
GS-12767 Fixed handling of BlobstoreException in blobstore sync-replication 12.0 Java
XAP-11836 Cancel discovery of extra backup-Space after network disconnection after max retries 12.0.1 Java
XAP-12028 Redo-log keeps growing when connection between server and local-view client can’t be established from server 12.0.1 Java
XAP-12582 bypass active failure detector until recovery completes or fails 12.0.1 Java
XAP-12793 Consumer threads are never released by SimplePollingEventListenerContainer 12.0.1 Java
XAP-12814 Maintain instance SLA after network partition (for mirror & stateless) 12.0.1 Java
XAP-12825 Web-ui shows aggregated statistics of both primary and backup Spaces 12.0.1 Java
XAP-12837 Redo-log metrics stops after restarting the primary 12.0.1 Java
XAP-12853 ProtectiveModeException is thrown when property is set to true when querying an empty space on an indexed field 12.0.1 Java
XAP-12954 Unreachable lookup locator using unicast discovery causes a 90s delay before next lookup retry 12.0.1 Java
XAP-12967 Don’t elect backup as primary if recovery failed for direct persistency 12.0.1 Java
XAP-12970 Shutdown might be pending endlessly for replication to finish 12.0.1 Java
XAP-12972 gs-ui takes lookup groups and locators setting from deprecated adminui.config 12.0.1 Java