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New Features and Improvements

Below is a list of new features and improvements in GigaSpaces 9.7.X.

Key Summary Since Version SalesForce ID Documentation Link Platform/s
GS-23 Added LINQ Support for XAP.Net 9.7.0 .Net
GS-8601 Identifying clients that are using an old version of a POJO class 9.7.0 6424 All
GS-9362 GCS/LUS/GSM inherits COMPONENT_OPTIONS from GSA - relay on order of parameter 9.7.0 6777, 8011 All
GS-9785 Add support for escaping reserved words when queried 9.7.0 7141 All
GS-10590 Protect from writing object to space without an ID 9.7.0 Java, .Net
GS-10888 Enhance LRMI watchdog to close hanged connection when it can decide, with high guarantee the response will never come 9.7.0 All
GS-11208 Projection support for nested paths 9.7.0 Java, .Net
GS-11213 Add GigaSpacesRuntime.shutdown() API, which destroys GigaSpaces runtime while being hosted outside the service grid 9.7.0 8151 Java
GS-11225 Expose space remote activities in Web-ui 9.7.0 All
GS-11232 Display used lookup group and locator in XAP Web-ui after login 9.7.0 All
GS-11242 Server execution aspect doesn’t expose the invoked Method 9.6.1, 9.7.0 8102 Java
GS-11246 Gs-ui should resolve custom security parameters 9.6.1, 9.7.0 7904 All
GS-11250 Seperate SpaceTask execution to a separate thread pool from other operations 9.7.0 Java, .Net
GS-11252 Improve XAP.Net configuration to support multiple GSA configurations 9.6.1, 9.7.0 .Net
GS-11253 Unique index support 9.7.0 Java, .Net
GS-11262 Upgrade Spring (not including security) to 3.2.4 9.7.0 Java
GS-11263 Mongo Space Persistency implementation 9.7.0 Java
GS-11270 Allow to designate a zone for primary instances and zone for backup instances 8.0.5 patch1, 9.7.0 All
GS-11277 Mule: entries are written to the space without a write lease 9.5.2 patch3, 9.6.2, 9.7.0 7934 Java
GS-11293 SpaceAddedEventManager interface should have options to add listener that does not include existing spaces 9.7.0 Java
GS-11297 Add create security privilege which allows only writing new objects to the space 9.7.0 All
GS-11298 com.gigaspaces.license logger at level config will print where the license key was taken from 9.7.0 All
GS-11299 Multiplex event session management enhancements 9.7.0 All
GS-11302 Block users deploying a Mirror using a cluster schema 9.7.0 All
GS-11308 Add GigaSpace.newDataEventSession() to simplify data event session creation 9.7.0 Java
GS-11309 Deprecation - EventSessionFactory - use GigaSpace.newDataEventSession() instead 9.7.0 Java
GS-11311 Expose PID and host in LRMIProxyMonitoringDetails 9.7.0 Java
GS-11324 The ESM cannot start in secure mode 9.5.0 patch3, 9.7.0 8254 Java
GS-11338 LRMINoSuchObjectException is logged repeatedly after restart/relocation 9.6.2 patch1, 9.7.0 All
GS-11343 Enhanced XAP.Net installer to include VC runtime files required by JDK7 9.6.1, 9.7.0 .Net
GS-11350 Add support for “<>” in the Cassandra space data source 9.6.1 patch1, 9_6_2, 9.7.0 8298 Java
GS-11362 Add support for Mule OpenSpaces queue connector attributes place holders 9.5.2 patch3, 9.6.2, 9.7.0 Java
GS-11363 Simplify bin folder in XAP 9.7.0 Java
GS-11378 Expose the change operation affect on ChangeResult if required 9.7.0 Java
GS-11403 Change Extension - simplified addAndGet operation 9.7.0 Java, .Net
GS-11404 Change data events default com type from unicast to multiplex 9.7.0 All
GS-11405 Deprecation - Data events communication type 9.7.0 All
GS-11406 Deprecation - Data event listeners with custom lease - use auto-renew instead 9.7.0 All
GS-11417 Add ‘version’ command to CLI 9.7.0 All
GS-11421 Cassandra Persistency - Simplify extending implementation 9.6.2, 9.7.0 Java
GS-11428 Expose IProcessingUnit.UndeployAndWait API in .Net 9.7.0 .Net
GS-11453 Allow to configure web-ui client disconnection time 9.7.0 Java
GS-11471 Update XAP.Net bundled JDK to Oracle 7 update 45 9.7.0 .Net
GS-11474 Change remove handling in hibernate space data source, to use SpaceId if possible 9.7.0 8461 All
GS-11477 Add protective mode which prevents user error by querying with templates that has no null values 9.7.0 All
GS-11480 Add system property to determine whether DateTime values read from the space should be converted from UTC to local time 9.6.1 patch4, 9.7.0 8471 .Net
GS-11493 Enhance EventTemplate attribute to support method with ISpaceProxy argument 9.7.0 .Net
GS-11494 Add ISpaceProxy.GetServerAdmin().GetClusteredProxy() 9.7.0 .Net
GS-11495 Deprecation - Customized auto-renew for data events 9.7.0 All
GS-11514 Add strongly typed API for creating local cache in XAP.Net 9.7.0 .Net
GS-11515 Change XAP.Net setup wizard default from both .Net 2.0 and 4.0 to 4.0 only 9.7.0 .Net
GS-11516 Remove GSM and GSC windows service wrapper in XAP.Net 9.7.0 .Net
GS-11517 Remove CLI startup script windows service wrapper in XAP.Net 9.7.0 .Net
GS-11526 Provide capability of automatic thread dump generation upon LRMI critical resource level warning 9.7.0 All
GS-11539 Web-ui should expose reconnect option 9.7.0 Java
GS-11544 Modify XAP.Net assemblyVersion to Major.Minor format 9.7.0 .Net
GS-11596 Log severe messages when warning persists 9.7.1 8622 All
GS-11612 Deploy process optimization 9.7.1 Java, .NET
GS-11621 Bad linux scripts for the benchmark cli tool 9.7.1 Java
GS-11639 Web-UI uses large amounts of memory for statistics 9.7.0 8741 Java
GS-11656 Notification event triggering is moved to a custom LRMI thread pool (together with space tasks) 9.7.0 All
GS-11666 Pojo to Document Conversion should not convert Class,URI,Locale types 9.7.1 Java
GS-11691 Create a setting to skip authentication for transaction commit/abort 9.7.1 8765 All
GS-11693 Enhance nHibernate EDS to support overriding initial load 9.7.1 .Net
GS-11696 Support custom initial Load query for mongo data source 9.7.1 Java
GS-11702 Added support for configuring a persistent space without custom code in XAP.NET 9.7.1 .Net
GS-11706 Added static ProcessingUnitContainer.Current to provide cluster info to any pu component 9.7.1 .Net
GS-11710 Simplify processing unit configuration in XAP.NET 9.7.1 .Net
GS-11731 Simplify mirror configuration in XAP.NET 9.7.1 .Net
GS-11737 Enhance XAP.NET processing unit to support properties replacement 9.7.1 .Net
GS-11771 Allow to define zones during deployment in GS-UI 9.7.1 Java
GS-11772 Allow to define zones during deployment in WEB-UI 9.7.1 Java