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Resolved Issues

Below is a list of issues that have been fixed in GigaSpaces 10.1.X.

Key Summary Fix Version/s Sales Force ID Platform/s
GS-12435 Web PU spring context deployment failure after upgrade from 10.01 to 10.1 10.1.1 9750 All
GS-12376 Handle default selection in Spaces view 10.1.1, 10.2.0 Java
GS-12372 In some grids meter bars displayed as cutted 10.1.1, 10.2.0 Java
GS-12366 Events grid in new Processing Unit view is always empty 10.1.1, 10.2.0 Java
GS-12361 When running with more than one gsm, as result Monitoring view is unavailable 10.1.1, 10.2.0 All
GS-12360 spring.schemas files were not updated for version 10.1.0 10.1.1, 10.2.0 Java
GS-12358 PU metrics are not reported in XAP.NET 10.1.1, 10.2.0 .NET
GS-12357 Deployment of a PU containing an abstract bean fails 10.1.1, 10.2.0 9680 All
GS-12356 RLIKE/LIKE fails (DIV0) when executed against a SpaceIndex property belonging to an abstract parent class 10.1.1, 10.2.0 9654 All
GS-12353 Service details of REST PU shows invalid URL on Windows 10.1.1, 10.2.0 Java
GS-12335 Web-ui might fails on OOM due to statistics for gateway replication that keep large exception traces (in version previous to 10.1 ) 10.1.1 9656 Java
GS-12327 In ‘Spaces’ view, ‘types’ shows ‘Loading data types…’ when no space is selected 10.1.1, 10.2.0 All
GS-12324 First row in Spaces view should be selected by default 10.1.1, 10.2.0 Java
GS-12315 Transaction consolidation of transient only transactions causes timeout 10.1.1, 10.2.0 9640,9417 All
GS-12320 NullPointerException in webui server when pressing on “Types” tab without selecting any instance 10.1.0 All
GS-12293 Alerts for CPU, heap, physical memory are sent before measurement-period is over 10.1.0 Java
GS-12291 Inconsistent pom.xml files when using vs using maven dependencies 10.1.0 9596 Java
GS-12282 Undeploy takes a long time when there are a lot of notify containers registered 10.1.0 All
GS-12279 Second and all next attempts to navigate from specific space instance in Hosts view to Data Grid failed 10.1.0 Java
GS-12279 Second and all next attempts to navigate from specific space instance in Hosts view to Data Grid failed 10.1.0 Java
GS-12266 After either host or gs node in Hosts view expanded meter bars displayed as cutted 10.1.0 Java
GS-11965 Allow Un-even deployment with ESM 10.1.0 All
GS-12264 Deployment status on simultaneous relocation of two instances 10.1.0 8707 Java
GS-12249 Simultaneous restart of two instances on the same GSC 10.1.0 8707 All
GS-12241 Destroy one SimpleNotifyEventListenerContainer cause all SimpleNotifyEventListenerContainers of same client to stop 10.1.0 9557 All
GS-12201 Undeploy hang in rare condition waiting to all contexts to be inactive 10.1.0 9498 All
GS-12175 Unable to retrieve beans based on os-core:embedded-space 10.1.0 9512 Java
GS-12157 GigasSpace.getClustered() doesn’t return cluster proxy when proxy is injected in task 10.1.0 9457 Java
GS-12141 Transaction consolidation fails when one of the participants has only transient objects 10.1.0 9432 All
GS-12139 Queries with “order by” and id autoGenerate=true don’t work 10.1.0 All
GS-12137 Out of memory during lrmi client handshake 10.1.0 Java
GS-12104 After split brain resolution a .NET backup Space may remain inactive 10.1.0 9368 Java
GS-12101 XA transaction with suspend resume fails 10.1.0 9373 Java
GS-12085 Instance missing after GSM failover due to “clustered space member must be defined in at least in one partition” 10.1.0 9018 Java
GS-12077 LUS OOM in rare condition when plenty of registration and unregistration of services due to disconnections 10.1.0 9316 All
GS-12074 Deploy Application with dependencies hang in case of more then 2 instances per service 10.1.0 9279 All
GS-12055 Space proxy lookup after a failover sometimes ignores the timeout 10.1.0 All
GS-12054 Pending provision of processing unit instance after failover of machine with GSM and ESM due to GSM not in sync 10.1.0 9274 Java
GS-12047 Limit the query results by a system property to avoid crashing the space with large queries. 10.1.0 9198 All
GS-12045 .Net - IndexOutOfBoundsException when iterating over IOutgoingReplication 10.1.0 .Net
GS-12043 Impossible to override NIC_ADDR at environment without dns like openstack 10.1.0 Java
GS-12041 Querying indexed field with multiple OR’d predicates breaks FIFO ordering 10.1.0 9291 Java
GS-12031 Running aggregated functions from web-ui returns empty row as result 10.1.0 Java
GS-11987 WAN Gateway throws NumberFormatException when using LRMI port ranges 10.1.0 9250 Java
GS-11979 IllegalArgumentException is thrown when using SQLQuery and one of the properties is compressed or binary 10.1.0 9220,
GS-11978 Memory Leak in FIFO Groups in certain condition 10.1.0 9218 All
GS-11975 JPA transaction commit timeout configure according LockTimeout (JPA property) 10.1.0 Java
GS-11973 When user is created from API and use RegexFilter, AccessDeniedException is thrown when registering a type 10.1.0 8982 Java
GS-11972 Client failed to connect to space when the disconnected machine appears first in jini url 10.1.0 9200, 9529 Java
GS-11965 Allow Un-even deployment with ESM 10.1.0 All
GS-11962 .NET 10.0 version- when BasicContainer element is missing from pu.config we got System.NullReferenceException 10.1.0 9201 .Net
GS-11856 XAP 10 blobstore RPM hangs when installing 10.1.0 All
GS-11855 XAP 10 blobstore RPM GSC_JAVA_OPTIONS 10.1.0 All
GS-11850 Rare Deadlock on SynchronizeReplicaDataProducer lock when ReplicationNode thread and LeaseManager$Reaper thread call close method- during failover using Blobstore 10.1.0 All
GS-11847 UI - ElectionInProcessException thrown when deploying processing unit with a backup 10.1.0 Java
GS-11836 Extra backup-Space after network disconnection 10.1.0 9119,
GS-11834 GSC that is supposed to be terminated due to rebalancing does not terminate 10.1.0 9074 All
GS-11833 Missing partition after reboot of node due to ESM negative capacity exception 10.1.0 9017 All
GS-11825 SpaceMetadataException logged In loop when adding index to a type that doesn’t exists in the mirror 10.1.0 9044 Java
GS-11824 Fail to shutdown GSC due to recovery thread that hang on socket trying to load class 10.1.0 9081 All
GS-11728 Syntax error message in class 10.1.0 8927 Java, .Net
GS-11381 ESM caught in a re-balancing loop after addition of new machine in rare condition(cpu reported as 0) 10.1.0 All
GS-11675 Change default Setting of cache policy in case of spaceDataSource defined from LRU to ALL IN CACHE 10.1.0 8242 All
GS-11665 Ability to add GS services JAVA_OPTIONS within 10.1.0 8768 Java
GS-11647 “Create” Space operation permission is missing in GS-UI 10.1.0 8758 All
GS-11381 ESM caught in a re-balancing loop after addition of new machine in rare condition(cpu reported as 0) 10.1.0 8242 All
GS-10903 Repeatable SQLQuery with a slight difference per each SQL (changing the value is enough) for long time causes memory leak in client 10.1.0 7791 All
GS-10131 In rare scenarios blocked locks for SpaceProxyTypeManager- readById blocked waiting to type descriptor 10.1.0 7272 All
GS-8165 Read with SQL query on transient object in LRU topology is unnecessary delegated to the EDS 10.1.0 6176 All