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Known Issues and Limitations

Below is a list of known issues in GigaSpaces 11.0

Key Summary SalesForce ID Workaround Platform/s
GS-12817 When the Compound Index contain more than 2 properties, the order might affect the Write throughput 10356 Java
GS-12760 Using @SpaceClassConstructor in order not to define setter result in exception querying the type from both web-ui and gs-ui 10286 Java
GS-12758 SQLQuery.equals() do not check projections 10285 Java
GS-12750 Try to revert blobstore ops’ in backup after blobstoreexception Java
GS-12719 Failed to deploy a valid PU after undeploy non valid PU with the same name 10246 Java
GS-12709 Webui displays wrong screen when pressing config without marking a PU All
GS-12704 .Net - NULL object reference exception in ProcessingUnitStatusChangedEventArgs.PreviousState on first event 10220 .Net
GS-12701 GSA shutdown hook called when outbound “all-traffic” rule is removed All
GS-12686 Both GUI and web GUI shows negative memory utilization on Solaris 10209 Java
GS-12674 Split-brain might cause displaying of redundant machine in web-ui Java
GS-12534 SimpleNotifyContainerConfigurer.create might block indefinitly if server is not responsive 9931 All