This part of the documentation website is obsolete. Please see the latest Release Notes.

What's New

This page lists the main new features in XAP 11.0 (Java and .NET editions).

It’s not an exhaustive list of all new features. For a full change log for 11.0 please refer to the new features and fixed issues pages.

SQL Functions

XAP supports built in and user defined SQL Functions.

For more information see SQL Functions.

GeoSpatial Queries

GeoSpatial queries make use of geometry data types such as points, circles and polygons and these queries consider the spatial relationship between these geometries.

For more information see GeoSpatial Queries.

MemoryXtend with RocksDB

A new MemoryXtend add-on based on RocksDB is now available. RocksDB is a very popular open source project which offers an embeddable persistent key-value store for fast storage, used by many of the industry giants, such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Microsoft.

For more information see RocksDB

XAP Cloud tool

A new tool that simplifies installation and configuration of XAP on a set of machines, either on cloud or on-premises.

For more information see XAP Cloud

Third Party library updates

Mule 3.7

Mule integration has been updated to support Mule 3.7.

For more information see Mule ESB Integration

InfluxDB 0.9

InfluxDB integration has been updated to support InfluxDB 0.9.

For more information see InfluxDB Reporter


MongoDB 3.2.0

MongoDB integration has been updated to support MongoDB 3.2.0.

For more information see MongoDB Integration

RocksDB 4.1.0

The RocksDB based MemoryXtend add-on has been updated to use RocksDB 4.1.0

For more information see SSD - RocksDB Add-On