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Known Issues and Limitations

Below is a list of known issues in GigaSpaces 10.1.X.

Key Summary SalesForce ID Workaround Platform/s
GS-12155 Objects will stay locked under transaction if Mahalo is down between the prepare and commit 9442, 9653 Java
GS-12588 Resource leak in Conversation class when remote host name could not be resolved 10060 All
GS-12607 Update object lease will not update the lease manager,if update waited on a lock 9949 Java
GS-12570 XAP.NET HttpSessionProvider sporadically causes 100% CPU 10029 Java
GS-12519 SQLQuery with composite condition might return wrong result 9936 Instead of writing: a in (x,y) AND (b < z OR A in (w,v)) do write: (b < z OR A in (w,v)) AND a in (x,y) Java
GS-12495 Slow Memory leak in lease manager - empty cells remains after expiration 9876 All
GS-12486 Transaction consolidation issues with distributed transaction with durable notification and mirror when transaction contains both objects that meets the notify template and some that don’t 8935 All
GS-12453 Backward issue using projection in old client against 10.1 Server cause InvalidClassException - this issue will be fixed in 10.2 .NET
GS-11954 Bottom section in Applications tab opens with minimum height (Sometimes, mainly when doing a refresh to the page, entering the Applications tab shows the bottom section of the page with a minimum height.) Java
GS-11955 Refreshing the Web-UI might not reload all data (for example Applications -> Events Grid) Java
GS-11960 NullPointerException is printed in GSA when deploying data example Java
GS-11967 printed text is not colored in MacOS Java
GS-11970 Double click on a GSC in the Hosts-services tab throws IllegalArgumentException Java
GS-11971 Unnecessary prints in the UI (Running a query from the gs-ui prints five lines apparently via system.out and not log) Java
GS-11980 Deploying space with default values throws SpaceURLValidationException .Net
GS-11983 When configure wan gateway os-gateway:targets doesn’t work with os-core:embedded-space Java
GS-11990 Deploy space with cluster-schema=none fails and causes SpaceURLValidationException: The attribute must be used together with the attribute .Net
GS-12025 Memory keeps growing in Gsc.exe 9270 .Net
GS-12027 StackOverflowError in GS-LRMI thread when loading class with large hierarchy 9244.9199 All
GS-12028 Redolog keep growing when connection between server and localview client can’t be established 9256 Java
GS-12029 Inconsistent Lookup Timeout, Dynamic locators are initialised even though they are disabled, so the lookup waits the default initialisation delay that is 10sec. Sometimes this happens on the lookup thread All
GS-12040 Wrong log message (FINEST) when commit transaction failed 9166 Java
GS-12042 ConcurrentMultiDataIterator should expose better root cause exception 9207 All
GS-12046 UnsupportedOperation when updating object from ui/cli if object has dynamic properties 9271 All
GS-12053 Add protection against simultaneous deployment requests in the GSM 9288 All
GS-12064 Log files that are configured to be in diffrent folders then their gsa log folder are not showen in UI 9254 All
GS-12068 SQLQuery with like ‘%?%’ returns all the entries with the same type 9343 Java, .Net
GS-12080 Getting NullPointerException when _fieldsValues is null in TemplateEntryData class 9359 Java
GS-12084 Web-UI in chrome:click Data Grids -> Any cache components arrow link cause screen running 9366 All
GS-12092 POJO schema saved in DB when SpaceId is autogenerated even when persistency is false Java
GS-12102 Allow to specify bind address in web UI Java
GS-12155 Objects will stay locked under transaction if Mahalo is down between the prepare and commit 9442 Java
GS-12176 Extra primary after splitbrain when nw cards were disabled/enabled 9447, 9471 Java
GS-12179 Unable to start space after vm machine is disconnected due to LUS not available in rare condition Java
GS-12187 Backup seen as primary in ui in certain condition Java
GS-12192 Hidden “action” button on “host” tab - WEB-UI Java
GS-12196 PU files are deleted when client and GSM are located on same machine and there is disconnection during the deploy process 9494, 9146 Java
GS-12217 Web-UI -contradicting indication in application tab when seeing x/y instances (x!=y) and green V sign in rare condition 9536 Java
GS-12258 Web-UI - When a POJO contain InvocationTargetException type as a member, query on that Pojo throw exception 9575 Java
GS-12271 Query will not return results when condition is on auto generated id field _spaceId (generated for spaceDocument) 9577 Java
GS-12275 Failed writing to space with WriteModifiers.OneWay after redeploying the space 9581 Java
GS-12292 ESM reports that GSA have 0 available processors and disables CPU rebalancing Java
GS-12297 UI: Highly Available checkbox is not checked although the deployment set highly available to true Java
GS-12299 Web-UI logs filters doesn’t work when choosing a PU instance Java
GS-12300 Can’t use benchmark from gs-ui on dot-net Java, .Net
GS-12302 Web UI - Space view leads to empy view Java
GS-12310 GSA fails to start if the sigar library does not exist Java
GS-12312 Space and Gateway connection exception is seen only when using FINEST 9404 All
GS-12313 Unexpected gsa shutdown 9628 Java
GS-12315 Transaction consolidation of transient only transactions causes timeout 9640,9417 All
GS-12316 Can’t scroll sideways in Web-UI config section All
GS-12319 In ‘Processing units’ tab when no PU is selected logs are shown All
GS-12322 Pause icon in Web-UI logs window is cut All
GS-12323 Local view doesn’t try to reconnect to space for ever 9652 All
GS-12324 First row in Spaces view should be selected by default Java
GS-12325 Rectangle around radio buttons in the Web-UI All
GS-12326 In the Web-UI, ‘Show in datagrid view’ animation is mixed up All
GS-12327 In ‘Spaces’ view, ‘types’ shows ‘Loading data types…’ when no space is selected All
GS-12328 Web-UI Space Mode NONE icon Java
GS-12329 In ‘Spaces’ view, in ‘queries’ shows the play button is enabled when no space is selected All
GS-12330 In queries, after pressing the play button a small tag appears next to it All
GS-12331 Rename ‘show in datagrid view’ to ‘show in spaces view’ All
GS-12332 GSA tool box text is missing a whitespace Java
GS-12335 Web-UI might fails on OOM due to statistics for gateway replication that keep large exception traces (in version previous to 10.1 ) 9656 All
GS-12336 Right panel menu should be disabled in ‘HOSTS’ and ‘PU’ views when nothing is selected All
GS-12337 Pressing the filter combobox when it is open should close it All
GS-12338 Web-UI ‘About’ dialogue is shown with a grey frame in internet explorer All
GS-12339 Opening the filter combobox when it is empty doesn’t look good All
GS-12817 When the Compound Index contain more than 2 properties, the order might affect the Write throughput 10356 Order the properties from the most rare to the most common