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Resolved Issues

Below is a list of issues that have been fixed in GigaSpaces 10.2.X.

Key Summary Fix Version/s Sales Force ID Platform/s
GS-12588 Resource leak in Conversation class when remote host name could not be resolved 10.2.1, 11.0 10060 All
GS-12550 Remote service might rout to wrong partition in IntegratedProcessingUnitContainer (from 10.2) 10.2.1, 11.0 9971 Java
GS-12552 ClassCastExeption is thrown when the LeaseManager is trying to clean an entry annotated with blobstoreEnabled = false 10.2.1, 11.0 10004 java
GS-12422 After GSC restart an instance was missing, until managing GSM was killed 10.2.1, 11.0 9704 All
GS-12486 Distributed transaction timeout when using durable notifications or WAN 10.2.1, 11.0 8935 All
GS-12523 Blobstore persistent - wrong value is injected 10.2.1, 11.0 All
GS-12519 SQLQuery with composite condition might return wrong result 10.2.1, 11.0 9936 Java
GS-12476 llegalArgumentException after connection between mirror and mongodb is re-established 10.2.1, 11.0 9832 Java
GS-12495 Slow Memory leak in lease manager - empty cells remains after expiration 10.2.1, 11.0 9876 All
GS-12507 Can’t start grid due to:metric named os_network_rx-bytes already exists (Sigar reporting same nw card twice) 10.2.1, 11.0 9888, 9766 All
GS-12465 Remote service execution fails sporadically on Failure to find definition within the application context on rare condition 10.2 9826 All
GS-12492 Blob store fill the internal cache when initial load from mirror 10.2 Java
GS-11632 NPE using DefaultSpaceInstance.runGc() when discoverUnmanagedSpaces used 10.2 8587 All
GS-12446 Possible mem-leak in blobstore bulk ops 10.2 Java
GS-12466 Local Views view table in web-ui displayed as empty 10.2 Java
GS-12453 Backward issue using projection in old client against 10.1 Server cause InvalidClassException 10.2 9789 All
GS-12440 Add protection against exceptions/ throwables in FIFO processing 10.2 9720 All
GS-12397 On login mode with non-sticky session, session is not logged-in at all the web servers 10.2 All
GS-12448 DefaultOperatingSystem.getStatistics() failed with NegativeArraysSizeException 10.2 9777 All
GS-12327 In ‘Spaces’ view, ‘types’ shows ‘Loading data types…’ when no space is selected 10.2 All
GS-12445 10.1 Web-UI in Spaces tab - when clicking on Reconnect icon new line is added 10.2 9771 All
GS-12396 Distinguish between processing unit instance failures and manual decrements 10.2 8707 All
GS-12364 Failed to launch Web-UI due to NoClassDefFoundError: org/apache/commons/codec/binary/Base64 10.2 Java
GS-12419 Expose blobstore add,get,replace,remove metrics 10.2 All
GS-12378 Space partition split-brain alert in Admin API and web-ui 10.2 Java
GS-12383 Deploying an Elastic PU via CLI results in authentication error 10.2 9708 All
GS-12242 Multithreaded execution of tasks on a secured space occasionally fails on “No credentials were provided” 10.2 9426 Java
GS-11937 Force kill service by GSA in similar manner to kill -9 10.2 9158,9338 All
GS-12357 Deployment of a PU containing an abstract bean fails 10.2 9680 All
GS-12403 Generate on the fly self signed certificate does not work with IBM JDK 10.2 9712 All
GS-12353 Service details of REST PU shows invalid URL on Windows 10.2 Java
GS-12315 Transaction consolidation of transient only transactions causes timeout 10.2 9640,9417 All
GS-12324 First row in Spaces view should be selected by default 10.2 Java
GS-12376 Handle default selection in Spaces view 10.2 Java
GS-12358 PU metrics are not reported in XAP.NET 10.2 .NET
GS-12372 In some grids meter bars displayed as cutted 10.2 Java
GS-12366 Events grid in new Processing Unit view is always empty 10.2 Java
GS-12361 When running with more than one gsm, as result Monitoring view is unavailable 10.2 All
GS-12356 RLIKE/LIKE fails (DIV0) when executed against a SpaceIndex property belonging to an abstract parent class 10.2 9654 All
GS-12360 spring.schemas files were not updated for version 10.1.0 10.2 Java