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New Features and Improvements

Below is a list of new features and improvements in GigaSpaces 11.0.X.

Key Summary Fix Version/s Sales
Force ID
GS-12764 New blobstore statistics - cache miss/hit and get/put/replace/remove tp 11.0.0 All
GS-12745 Add setenv-overrides script to simplify overriding setenv settings 11.0.0 Java
GS-12731 Alias partitioned-sync2backup as partitioned 11.0.0 All
GS-12503 Support common functions within SQL where clause 11.0.0 All
GS-12738 Remove unused variable REMOTE_JMX from setenv script 11.0.0 Java
GS-12707 Support spatial extensions for nested paths and documents 11.0.0 Java
GS-12702 Simplify default lookup groups to xap-major.minor.sp 11.0.0 All
GS-12699 Rename JSHOMEDIR to XAP_HOME 11.0.0 All
GS-12693 Update MapDB to 1.0.8 11.0.0 Java
GS-12692 Added offheap new configurations - compaction Interval and compaction Minimal Interval 11.0.0 Java
GS-12680 Added support for Mongodb 3.2 11.0.0 All
GS-12598 ZooKeeper based active election 11.0.0 All
GS-12105 Add GigaSpace.isSecured() to determine if a space is secured 11.0.0 9296,9742 Java
GS-12578 RocksDB add configuration for sync 11.0.0 Java
GS-12498 Blobstore support for RocksDB 11.0.0 All
GS-12544 Add missing metrics to Web UI 11.0.0 All
GS-12557 Upgrade Mule integration to 3.7.0 11.0.0 Java
GS-12549 End Of Life - Mule SEDA integration 11.0.0 All
GS-12502 Support geospatial queries 11.0.0 Java
GS-12518 Upgrade Spring Security to version 4 11.0.0 9941 Java
GS-12512 Reduced-footprint of extended index in blob store 11.0.0 Java
GS-12521 Optimize count() when blob-store is used 11.0.0 Java
GS-12556 Bring back Space throughput chart to web-ui 11.0.0, 10.2.1 Java
GS-9359 GS-UI - jvisualvm integration 11.0.0, 10.2.1 6773, 9853 All
GS-12602 Added support for ThroughputMetric 11.0.0, 10.2.1 Java
GS-12496 Support Grafana 2.x 11.0.0, 10.2.1 All
GS-12548 Add API to register metrics explicitly via a PU bean 11.0.0, 10.2.1 Java
GS-12497 Metrics Reporter for InfluxDB 0.9 11.0.0, 10.2.1 All
GS-12542 Rocksdb and sandisk ZS blobstore drivers expose service monitors/details 11.0.0, 10.2.1 All