This part of the documentation website is obsolete. Please see the latest Release Notes.

What's New

This page lists the main new features in XAP 10.2 (Java and .Net editions).

It’s not an exhaustive list of all new features. For a full change log for 10.2 please refer to the new features and fixed issues pages.

Enhanced SSD driver

When using MemoryXtend with a primary-backup topology, the backup can now recover from is local SSD instead of pulling all the data from the primary over the network, which boosts performance tremendously.

For more information see MemoryXtend

APM Introscope Metrics Reporter

The XAP metrics framework was designed to support custom reporter implementations. In addition to the built-in InfluxDB reporter, we’ve now added a new reporter to integrate with CA APM, which is a powerful product widely used in large companies to monitor applications and react quickly when certain performance issues may occur.

For more information see CA APM Introscope Reporter

Configure the Transport Layer Encryption Protocol

When securing the transport layer, it is now possible to configure which encryption protocol (TLSv1.1, TLSv1.2, etc.) will be used.

For more information see Choosing the encryption protocol