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Resolved Issues

Below is a list of issues that have been fixed in GigaSpaces 11.0.X.

Key Summary Fix Version/s Sales Force ID Platform/s
GS-12779 Not expose context parameters values in the log for per-defined keys 11.0.0 All
GS-12155 Objects will stay locked under transaction if Mahalo is down between the prepare and commit 11.0.0 9442, 9653 Java
GS-12778 org.openspaces.remoting.EventDrivenRemoteFuture is not thread-safe 11.0.0 All
GS-12761 Deploying an invalid PU might corrupt the GSC 11.0.0 All
GS-12691 Failure handling generic collection fields with Enum as key in .NET 11.0.0 10208 .Net
GS-12687 Repetitive quiesce + unquiesce can cause quiesce/unquiesce request to get stuck 11.0.0 Java
GS-12670 Upgrade commons-collections-3.2.1 to version 3.2.2 11.0.0 10160 All
GS-12665 Out of memory in server while reading the first message when client not using LRMI protocol 11.0.0 10074, 10092 All
GS-12660 ProcessingUnit status is reported as SCHEDULED instead of COMPROMISED when instance of second partition is pending to be provisioned 11.0.0 All
GS-12656 XAP influxDB reporter does not report timestamp correctly when using UDP protocol 11.0.0 All
GS-12607 Update object lease will not update the lease manager,if update waited on a lock 11.0.0 9949 Java
GS-12570 XAP .NET HttpSessionProvider sporadically causes 100% CPU and memory leak 11.0.0 10029 .Net
GS-12569 .Net - Fail to add indexes on document properties 11.0.0 .Net
GS-12568 Duplicates Xmx/Xms when running gs-agent script 11.0.0 9998 Java
GS-12537 -XX:MaxPermSize=256m option in is not relevant for java 8 (HOTSPOT) 11.0.0 All
GS-12532 Memory leak when using atomicos 11.0.0 9917 All
GS-12507 Can’t start grid due to:metric named os_network_rx-bytes already exists (Sigar reporting same nw card twice) 11.0.0, 10.2.1 9888, 9766 All
GS-12552 ClassCastExeption is thrown when the LeaseManager is trying to clean an entry annotated with blobstoreEnabled = false 11.0.0, 10.2.1 10004 Java
GS-12550 Remote service might rout to wrong partition in IntegratedProcessingUnitContainer (from 10.2) 11.0.0, 10.2.1 9971 Java
GS-12588 Resource leak in Conversation class when remote host name could not be resolved 11.0.0, 10.2.1 10060 All
GS-12519 SQLQuery with composite condition might return wrong result 11.0.0, 10.2.1 9936 Java
GS-12495 Slow Memory leak in lease manager - empty cells remains after expiration 11.0.0, 10.2.1 9876 All
GS-12486 Distributed transaction timeout when using durable notifications or WAN 11.0.0, 10.2.1 8935 All
GS-12476 llegalArgumentException after connection between mirror and mongodb is re-established 11.0.0, 10.2.1 9832 Java
GS-12422 After GSC restart an instance was missing, until managing GSM was killed 11.0.0, 10.2.1 9704 All
GS-12586 Missing jar from “XAP as Windows Service” example 11.0.0, 10.2.0 10051 Java