This page describes an older version of the product. The latest stable version is 16.4.

XAP Open-Source Functionality

The XAP in-memory data grid engine is open source. GigaSpaces provides the developer community with a battle-tested and leading in-memory data grid that is capable of addressing mission critical use cases ranging from real-time analytics, to extreme transaction processing, internet of things (IOT) and high-performance computing. With the open source edition, anyone can test-drive the power of in-memory computing throughout any development and/or staging environment.

For those that require enterprise-grade monitoring and management, security, high availability, multi-tiered data storage, and cross-data-center replication, we recommend downloading the InsightEdge Enterprise edition and trying it out using the 90-day free trial license.

What Parts of XAP are Open Source?

The following features are part of the open source edition:

  • In-memory data grid:

    • Embedded
    • Clustering
    • Replication
    • Partitioning
  • High availability through in-memory backups

  • Data grid in-memory management

  • Rich extensible query language:

    • SQL queries
    • Indexing
    • Transaction support
    • Space API
  • Multiple data models:

    • POJOs
    • Document
    • Map
    • JDBC
    • JPA
    • Memcached
  • Distributed transactions

  • Processing:

    • Events and messaging
    • Task execution
    • Remoting
    • Aggregators
  • Persistence:

    • Direct
    • Asynchronous
    • Pre-loading
    • Hibernate support
  • Maven project files for quick IDE development

To learn more about the XAP open-source features, continue reading our documentation and check out the code examples.

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How Can I Contribute to the XAP Open Source Data Grid?

All contributions will be evaluated and approved before being added to the open source code base. First, you must sign the GigaSpaces contributor agreement, available at After the agreement has been signed and accepted, GigaSpaces will consider accepting pull requests from committers.