This page describes an older version of the product. The latest stable version is 16.3.

Undeploying a Processing Unit

Removing a Processing Unit from the Service Grid.


xap pu undeploy <name>

Input Example:

<XAP-HOME>/bin/xap pu undeploy myPu

Parameters and Options:

Item Name Description
Parameter name The name of the Pu to undeploy
Option keep-file Keep the undeployed file for future use.



Example Request:

curl -X DELETE --header 'Accept: text/plain' 'http://localhost:8090/v2/pus/myPU'

This example undeploys a Processing Unit named myPU.


Option Description Required
name Provide the name of the PU you are un deploying. Yes
  1. In the Processing Units view, highlight the Processing Unit to undeploy.
  2. Click the Actions icon and select Undeploy from the menu.
  3. Confirm that you want to undeploy the Processing Unit.

When the Processing Unit is undeployed successfully, it no longer appears in the Processing Units view.


You can confirm that the Processing Unit was undeployed by viewing the list of events from the toolbar. If you redeploy the same Processing Unit, all of the deploy and undeploy events appear in the event list for the Processing Unit that is displayed in the Events tab on the side of the view.

Refer to the GigaSpaces Management Center topics in the Administration section.

Refer to the Admin API topics in the Developers Guide.