This page describes an older version of the product. The latest stable version is 16.2.1.

Accessing a Secured Service Grid

When security is in place, the administration tools require credentials to securely access and operate the secured components. Access is granted to authenticated users, while operations are restricted based on the granted permission. For more information, refer to the Security page in the Getting Started guide (under the XAP Basics section).

To access a secured service grid:


xap --username=<user name> --password=<password> <command>


<XAP-HOME>/bin/xap --username=user --password=pass  host list

Parameters and Options:

Item Name Description
Option username The user name.
Option password The password.

When security is enabled, the REST Manager API performs basic authentication and checks if the user has sufficient privileges to execute the operation.

For more information about using the REST Manager API in a secured environment, refer to the REST Manager API introductory page.

If you configured your XAP instance to run in secure mode using the property, you will see the following login window when the Web Management Console is started:


For more information about how to configure the Web Management Console for use in a secured environment, refer to the Web Management Console introductory page.

Refer to the GigaSpaces Management Center topics in the Administration section.

Refer to the Admin API topics in the Developer Guide.