This page describes an older version of the product. The latest stable version is 16.2.1.

InsightEdge in 5 Minutes

This topic describes how to start an InsightEdge using the embedded demo, in order to get you up and running as quickly as possible. The demo is launched via the GigaSpaces command line interface (CLI) tool. The InsightEdge demo runs in standalone mode and creates the following environment on your local machine:

  • Spark Master
  • Spark Worker
  • Apache Zeppelin
  • Data grid comprised of a Space in high availability mode (two primary partitions, each with a single backup partition)

Initializing the InsightEdge Application

It takes just a few simple steps to start InsightEdge using the CLI.

To begin working with InsightEdge:

  1. Download the InsightEdge package from the GigaSpaces website and install it, as described in Downloading and Installing.
  2. From the GigaSpaces home directory, open the xap-license.txt file and apply the “tryme” license key, which will give you access to the InsightEdge features and functionality for 24 hours.
# License can also be set via the XAP_LICENSE environment variable or system property

For more information about InsightEdge license options, see the Product License page.

  1. Navigate to the following directory and start the CLI:


  2. Run the following command in the CLI:

    ./insightedge demo
    insightedge demo

The InsightEdge environment includes a number of components, and may take up to a minute to finish initializing.

The Web Management Console is automatically launched in the local machine’s default web browser at the following address: localhost:8099. It opens to the host screen, which shows the four containers that were created by the demo (two partitions with one backup each).


For information on how to use the Web Management Console and other administration tools to view the XAP core components (the data fabric within InsightEdge), see the Administering Spaces and Processing Units topics in the Administration section.

Apache Zeppelin Notebook Examples

After you get InsightEdge up and running, you can use the Apache Zeppelin web notebook to explore the examples that are provided with the product.

To access the examples in the web notebook:

  1. Navigate to localhost:9090 in your web browser.
  2. The InsightEdge package comes with three Getting Started notebooks; InsightEdge Basics, InsightEdge Geospatial API, and InsightEdge Python Example. Open any of these examples and click Play to run the paragraph it contains.

    If you see an Interpreter Binding setting in the notebook main window, click Save (don’t deselect any interpreters or the examples won’t work).

What’s Next?