This page describes an older version of the product. The latest stable version is 16.2.1.


GigaSpaces offer several extensions to the XAP API, to more easily combine Scala with XAP. This includes support for constructor-based properties, a wrapper around the XAP API for task execution, predicate-based queries, and a scripting executor (part of the Dynamic Language Tasks feature).

This section also provides an enhanced REPL demo of what can be done with the XAP scala shell, along with a sample project that shows how XAP Scala can be used in a real project, and how Scala and Java code can be integrated.


The minimum Scala version supported by the Scala XAP extension is 2.11.6.

Assuming there is a scala installation under $SCALA_HOME, the jars under $SCALA_HOME/lib should be copied to $GS_HOME/lib/optional/scala/lib.