This page describes an older version of the product. The latest stable version is 16.4.

Downloading and Installing

The GigaSpaces InsightEdge and XAP applications are 100% pure Java based, and therefore can run on any UNIX or Windows machine that supports Java.


Before installing InsightEdge or XAP, do the following:

InsightEdge/XAP locates Java via the standard JAVA_HOME or PATH environment variables.


To install InsightEdge or XAP, download and unzip the application package to the location of your choice. Unzipping the file creates a <XAP_HOME> directory (e.g. gigaspaces-xap-12.3.1-ga-b19300).


Do not use a path with spaces (such as C:\Program Files\xap). In some scenarios they may break.

Linux users: Make sure all sh files in the /bin and /examples folders are in executable mode, so you can run them from your machine. To check this, use the ls -all command for the relevant directory, and make sure that x is included in the file permissions.

Network Discovery

By default, InsightEdge and XAP use multicast network discovery. If your environment does not support multicast, or you experience other network issues, refer to Network Configuration for more information.

Important Tips

Before you begin working with GigaSpaces products, it is recommended to review the Performance Tuning section and apply the required changes in your system. For example, you may need to update the max file descriptors limit before you begin.

See also:

It is strongly recommended to read the following sections in addition to the above, which explain how to further fine-tune your environment for better application performance, and how to assess system performance:

What’s Next?