This page describes an older version of the product. The latest stable version is 16.4.


This section lists the changes that were made in InsightEdge Platform 12.3.x.


This service pack was released in July 2018.


  • GS-13518: Sort results for REST operations related to Spaces and Processing Units.
  • GS-13511: CLI Auto Complete.
  • GS-13510: Simplified the CLI command “pu decrement” to receive only one parameter: pui_id.
  • GS-13513: Enhance CLI output to display “N/A” instead of “-1” where relevant.
  • GS-13515: Upgrade Apache Curator to 4.0.1.
  • GS-13485: Improve memory allocation by pre-allocating ArrayList instances in the SQL execution engine.
  • GS-13519: Upgrade RocksDB to 5.11.3.
  • GS-13524: Display blobstore operation statistics in the Web Management Console.
  • GS-13532: Enable configuring the MINIMAL_BUFFER_DIFF_TO_ALLOCATE property of the OffHeapMemoryPool.
  • GS-13552: Share a single instance of Curator Framework client to support large-scale deployments.
  • GS-13551: Handle Apache Curator leader election events in a single threaded queue.
  • GS-13557: Configure Spark to include InsightEdge dependencies on startup.
  • GS-13564: Upgrade Spring to 4.3.17.
  • GS-13562: Upgrade Apache Zookeeper to 3.4.12 and Netty to 3.10.6.Final.
  • GS-13569: Log fills up with “unmarshalling failure” messages when a cluster partition member is unreachable.
  • GS-13572: XAP and InsightEdge demo command should fail if XAP_MANAGER_SERVERS is configured.
  • GS-13571: Enable building Python notebook in build process for InsightEdge Zeppelin tutorial.
  • GS-13581: Upgrade Apache Spark to version 2.3.1.
  • GS-13428: Enhance REST API and CLI to support primary zones.
  • GS-13542: Display redo log information in the Web Management Console.
  • GS-13579: Remove dashes from new CLI output to simplify output parsing.
  • GS-13582: Support public and private IP addresses for Docker deployment.
  • GS-13563: Decouple JPA integration from OpenSpaces module.

Resolved Issues

  • GS-13520: Could not display the off-heap columns in the Web Management Console (in systems with MemoryXtend).
  • GS-13505: Running the demo command in the CLI using off-heap generates a NoClassDefFoundError.
  • GS-13502: Provisioning a Space instance fails on “Identified another participant with the same name for Space”.
  • GS-13517: Index intersection optimization did not work as expected.
  • GS-13512: Insightedge CLI command fails to start Spark master and Spark worker when XAP_MANAGER_SERVERS is not configured.
  • GS-13509: Unhealthy Space remains in Stopped state indefinitely after a network failure.
  • GS-13508: Apache ZooKeeper sometimes fails to create a data directory on startup.
  • GS-13521: Space instance recovery fails on “Failed while getting participants from zookeeper server”.
  • GS-13486: IllegalArgumentException: A metric named process_cpu_time-total already exists.
  • GS-13521: Space instance recovery fails on “Failed while getting participants from zookeeper server”.
  • GS-13486: IllegalArgumentException: A metric named process_cpu_time-total already exists.
  • GS-13451: The SQL query “SELECT COUNT (…) GROUP BY” doesn’t work on nested properties in the Web Management Console.
  • GS-13537: The SQL query “SELECT COUNT (…) GROUP BY” doesn’t work in the Web Management Console when it includes enums.
  • GS-13469: Remoting service routes incorrectly when the routing key is long, and if the value is higher than the max integer.
  • GS-13544: The XAP Manager mishandles pending requests when its leadership is relinquished.
  • GS-13548: Storing the blobStoreVersion not implemented in MemoryXtend off-heap driver.
  • GS-13539: The Java 8 LocalDateTime is not shown in the Web Management Console object inspector.
  • GS-13496: The Replication Channels metrics for partition clusters are not being reported.
  • GS-13547: ServerTypeDesc tree was not cloned correctly.
  • GS-13559: Display blobstore operation statistics in the GigaSpaces Management Center.
  • GS-13531: SpaceTypeDescriptorBuilder fails when explicitly indexing the routing key using deprecated values.
  • GS-13541: Manager class path does not include cert file located in ‘’ directory.
  • GS-13565: Space instance becomes backup although it is offered leadership by Apache Zookeeper.
  • GS-13478: Change operation replicated to mirror can cause NPE in certain failover scenarios.
  • GS-13546: The xap space run CLI command fails when XAP_MANAGER_SERVERS is defined.
  • GS-13543: Queries using the DISTINCT keyword do not work in the Web Management Console.
  • GS-13538: Web Management Console displayed different values in the Monitoring tab and the Space statistics view for the number of data objects written to a Space.
  • GS-13577: The ‘pu undeploy’ CLI command returns an error when the resource JAR file is not found in the resources directory.
  • GS-13584: The ‘xap pu run’ CLI command might leave orphan sub-processes in some scenarios.


The main version was released in March 2018.

Features and Enhancements

  • GS-13438: Unified Command Line Interface.
  • GS-13488: New MemoryXtend storage driver for off-heap memory.
  • GS-13500: When killing an external process, avoid SIGKILL on systems which do not support it (Windows).
  • GS-13474: Docker Images for InsightEdge and XAP.
  • GS-13490: Revise Space index types to provide option for reduced memory footprint.
  • GS-13489: Reduce @SpaceId(autogenerate=false) memory footprint.
  • GS-13456: Upgrade Apache Zookeeper to 3.4.10.
  • GS-13400: Replication redolog compaction for mirror target.
  • GS-13477: Created v2 of XAP Manager REST API.
  • GS-13491: Renamed /deployments to /pus in v2 of XAP Manager REST API.
  • GS-13480: Limit Lookup Locator Discovery interval to 1 minute instead of 1 hour.
  • GS-13482: Change default of to 1 minute instead of 10 minutes.
  • GS-13470: Upgrade packaged Jetty server to 9.2.24.
  • GS-13458: Upgrade Spring Framework to 4.3.13.
  • GS-13457: Upgrade Spring Security to 4.2.3.
  • GS-13464: Enhance gs-agent to Support running Web Management Console (–webui).
  • GS-13473: Enhance CachePolicy configuration to use fluent syntax.
  • GS-13463: Remove obsolete security algorithm to align with current standards.
  • GS-13102: Added ability to monitor connection status for local views.
  • GS-12800: Improved AbstractEventListenerContainer monitoring via public getter methods.
  • GS-13224: Improve log message to include table name when initial load fails due to wrong column name.
  • GS-13452: Improve responsiveness of remote statistics gathering in Admin API.
  • GS-13136: Make instance variables in DefaultHibernateSpaceDataSourceConfigurer protected.
  • GS-13411: User-defined cache criteria for hot data in MemoryXtend.
  • GS-13436: Added more GSM state information to application dump.
  • GS-13442: Reduce the footprint of the Lookup Service template cache.
  • GS-13302: When the query result set includes only indexes, fetch results from off-heap memory instead of disk.
  • GS-12365: Asynchronous execution should always return immediately.
  • GS-13417: Add metrics to Lookup Service to facilitate troubleshooting of performance issues.
  • GS-13389: Lookup Service (LUS) enhancements to improve stability in environments with large clusters.
  • GS-13433: Enhance LRMI network filter buffer allocation strategy by adding support for large objects (>10MB).
  • GS-13418: Skip login page if Web UI is in non-secured mode.

Resolved Issues

  • GS-12946: Loop of restarts of PU instance in same container cause memory leak.
  • GS-13484: Missing partition instance not provisioned after network disconnected and reconnected.
  • GS-13483: Relocation listener is not called during failure to destroy instance.
  • GS-13454: Elastic Processing Unit failed to fully deploy with service-limit=1 even when there were empty GSCs running.
  • GS-13300: Eager Scale Strategy did not evenly redistribute partitions after a cluster node disconnected and reconnected.
  • GS-13465: Use XapNetworkInfo.getHost() instead of InetAddress.getLocalHost().
  • GS-13462: XAP Manager doesn’t support system property for providing an alternative path for custom security JARs.
  • GS-13461: Add missing xap-admin JAR for default XAP.NET application.
  • GS-13453: Inefficient use of underlying data structure slows down iterator performance.
  • GS-13284: In rare scenarios, a transactional Polling container may drop events.
  • GS-13236: The Admin API blocks itself, becoming unresponsive and exploding memory usage.
  • GS-13440: Incomplete recovery of processing units after healing of GSM (if there are 3 or more).
  • GS-13281: Querying a type with enum on a re-deployed space returns incorrect results.
  • GS-13383: Insightedge shutdown command on Mac systems doesn’t terminate the gs-agent.
  • GS-13416: Lookup service improvements resulted in loss of client notifications in rare scenarios.
  • GS-13371: REST calls to Spark failed on machine failover.
  • GS-13317: No proactive verification of user credentials when logging into secured web-ui.
  • GS-13427: The REST manager specification contained the wrong request status values.
  • GS-13430: Inconsistent Request ID type in Manager REST API (string vs. numeric).
  • GS-13204: The ProcessingUnitInstance.relocationAndWait() may not abort after timeout, causing a permanent blocking state.
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