This page describes an older version of the product. The latest stable version is 16.3.

InsightEdge Script


The insightedge script facilitates getting started with InsightEdge. It wraps XAP’s gs-agent script and runs it with the relevant parameters.


The script is located under <XAP Home>/insightedge/bin folder.

> ./insightedge help
   _____           _       _     _   ______    _
  |_   _|         (_)     | |   | | |  ____|  | |
    | |  _ __  ___ _  __ _| |__ | |_| |__   __| | __ _  ___
    | | | '_ \/ __| |/ _` | '_ \| __|  __| / _` |/ _` |/ _ \
   _| |_| | | \__ \ | (_| | | | | |_| |___| (_| | (_| |  __/
  |_____|_| |_|___/_|\__, |_| |_|\__|______\__,_|\__, |\___|
                      __/ |                       __/ |
                     |___/                       |___/   version: 12.2.0

Usage: ./insightedge [command] [args]
Available commands:
      Starts a demo environment on the local host
  run --master
      Runs Spark Master and XAP Manager
  run --worker [--containers=n]
      Runs Spark Worker and n XAP Containers (default n=zero)
  run --zeppelin
      Runs Apache Zeppelin
  deploy-space [--partitions=x [--backups]] <space-name>
      Deploys a space with the specified name and partitions/backups (Optional)
  undeploy <space-name>
      Undeploys space with the specified name
      Shuts down InsightEdge environment on the local host

The demo Command

The demo command will start a minimal environment that includes:

  • Spark master with its monitoring UI at http://localhost:8080. The connection endpoint will be at spark://localhost:7077
  • Spark worker
  • XAP manager in local mode with the RESTful Manager API at http://localhost:8090
  • Two XAP containers
  • Empty space named insightedge-space with 2 partitions
  • Zeppelin UI at http://localhost:9090
  • Zookeeper with one node to demonstrate how InsightEdge components connects to Zookeeper for high availability
insightedge demo

The run Command

The run command allows to start three components separately: InsightEdge Master, InsightEdge Worker and Zeppelin.

Since XAP Manager is started, you must configure the XAP_MANAGER_SERVERS environment variable in every InsightEdge node. Please refer to the XAP Manager section.

Running InsightEdge Master

The command will start XAP Manager and Spark Master.

insightedge run --master

Running InsightEdge Worker

The command allows starting XAP Containers and Spark Worker. If the optional --containers=n option is not specified, no XAP Containers will be started.

insightedge run --worker [--containers=n]

Running Apache Zeppelin

The command will start Zeppelin on the local machine. It will be accessible at http://localhost:9090

insightedge run --zeppelin

The deploy-space Command

This command enables you to deploy an empty space to the XAP Grid.

If the --patitions=n option is not specified, the command will deploy a single space. Otherwise, it will deploy a partitioned space with n partitions without backups. If you wish to have backups, you can use the --backups option.

insightedge deploy-space [--partitions=x [--backups]] <space-name>

The undeploy Command

This command enables you to undeploy an already deployed space.

insightedge undeploy <space-name>

The shutdown Command

The shutdown command kills all components that are started via the insightedge script.

If you have deployed a space to one or more components, the space will be destroyed.

insightedge shutdown


By default, XAP components starts with default lookup groups and lookup locators (e.g. 12.2.0-ga and localhost:4174). These lookup groups and locators are used for the discovering the services in the network. InsightEdge scripts uses these groups and locators when starting Master, Worker and Zeppelin as well as when using the different scripts under insightedge/bin folder (e.g. insightedge-submit).

Please refer to the Environment Variables page if you wish to use different values.

InsightEdge uses the XAP Manager that starts Zookeeper for high availability. Please refer to XAP Manager page for info about its configuration.