This page describes an older version of the product. The latest stable version is 16.2.1.

Virtualized OS

For information on the platforms supported by InsightEdge and XAP, refer to Supported Platforms in the version release notes.


When setting up a virtualized operating system, ensure that the following is configured:

  • Only Type 1 Hypervisor is recommended for production use.
  • The vCPU may be over-subscribed, if it is under-utilized (less than 50%). In environments with high CPU utilization, vCPU must be reserved (pinned).
  • Hyper-threading should be enabled.
  • vMEM must be reserved (pinned).

Other Considerations

The following additional planning issues should be taken into account:

  • Do not over-commit virtual memory.
  • Reserve memory at the virtual machine level.
  • When using replication, implement anti-affinity rules to ensure that the primary and backup nodes do not share the same virtual and machine physical host.
  • Reserve sufficient memory for the operating system (~2GB per VM).