This page describes an older version of the product. The latest stable version is 16.4.

Admin API

The Admin API provides a way to administer and monitor all of XAP services and components using a simple API. The API provides information and the ability to operate on the currently running XAP Agent, XAP Manager, XAP Container, Lookup Service, Processing Unit and Spaces.

In order to use this feature, include the ${XAP_HOME}/lib/platform/service-grid/xap-admin.jar file on your classpath or use maven dependencies:

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For more information on dependencies see Maven Artifacts

Admin API Overview
Simple API to monitor and administer XAP services and components.

Dump API
The dump feature of the Admin API allows to easily generate dump information out of GigaSpaces runtime environment.

Administrative Alerts
The alert mechanism provides the ability to receive alerts on various problematic conditions at runtime by using the Administration and Monitoring API. The alerts give indication for the health state of the system.

SNMP Alerts
The XAP Alert interface exposes the XAP environment and the application’s health state. It allows users to register listeners on one or more alert types and receive notifications once an alert has been raised or has been resolved.