XAP has several administration tools that can be used to manage the security aspects of your XAP-based application. The GUI provides a handy management tool for managing the users and roles, and comprehensive manageability of the secured components in the system. The CLI provides means for automation using the non-interactive mode. The Admin API provides a top level management and monitoring of all the GigaSpaces components.

  • Command Line Interface - The CLI has a non-interactive mode for secure login, and can be used for script automation, and to handle any management/monitoring tasks that aren’t available via the XAP Management Center.
  • Administration and Monitoring API - This API can be used to administer and monitor security on GSAs, XAP Managers, GSCs, LUSs, Processing Units, and Spaces that are currently running.
  • Auditing - You can audit authentication requests on secured services. You can also audit Space operations.
  • Java Security Policy - You can use the default settings of the property, or customize them to suit your application and environment needs.