This page describes an older version of the product. The latest stable version is 16.2.1.


This section lists the changes that were made in InsightEdge Platform 12.2.X.


This service pack was released in November 2017.


  • GS-13389: Lookup Service (LUS) enhancements to improve stability in environments with large clusters.
  • GS-13417: Add metrics to Lookup Service to facilitate troubleshooting of performance issues

Resolved Issues

  • GS-13430: Inconsistent Request ID type in Manager REST API (string vs. numeric).
  • GS-13427: The REST manager specification contained the wrong request status values.
  • GS-13416: Lookup service improvements resulted in loss of client notifications in rare scenarios.
  • GS-13281: Querying a type with enum on a re-deployed space returns incorrect results.
  • GS-13371: REST calls to Spark failed on machine failover.
  • GS-13383: Insightedge shutdown command on Mac systems doesn’t terminate the gs-agent.


The main version was released in September 2017.

Features and Improvements

  • GS-13295: Pluggable XAP Manager RESTful operations.
  • GS-13355: XAP SQL-99 and JDBC implementation.
  • GS-13358: Enhance gs-agent to support verbs containing -.
  • GS-13313: Enhance REST over Spark.
  • GS-13319: Upgrade to spark 2.2.0.
  • GS-13320: Package InsightEdge example sources.
  • GS-13294: On MemoryXtend, Read operation with projection including only indexed fields executes without unpacking non-indexed fields.
  • GS-13296: Start Spark Master via gs-agent.
  • GS-13292: Upgrade RocksDB version to 5.5.1.
  • GS-13278: Take optimization form Memory Extend in backup .

Resolved Issues

  • GS-13359: An asynchronous connection generated a null pointer, causing a connection/socket leak.
  • GS-13318: When the secured XAP Manager is initialized, it does not start and requests the default file.
  • GS-13346: The XAP_GSA_OPTIONS environment variable is not applied to the script.
  • GS-13315: The XAP Manager unevenly deploys instances when there are extra containers.
  • GS-13305: Cannot deploy a clustered Space with MemoryXtend and blob-store-cache-query configuration tag.
  • GS-13299: Customer client application stops getting notification events when all 20 connections are in use during high load.
  • GS-13357: Recovery attempts continued after a Space was marked as unstable.
  • GS-13245: Wrong access permissions for xap-common.jar in the installation package.
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The complete list of changes is also available in JIRA .