Resolved Issues

The following issues have been fixed in InsightEdge Platform 12.2.X.

Open Source

Issues fixed in 12.2 Open Source edition:

Key Summary Fix Version(s) Platform(s)
XAP-13359 An asynchronous connection generated a null pointer, causing a connection/socket leak. 12.2 All

Commercially Licensed Editions

The commerically licensed editions include all Open Source functionality and include all its fixes. In addition the following issues have been fixed:

Key Summary Fix Version(s) Platform(s)
XAP-13318 When the secured XAP Manager is initialized, it does not start and requests the default file. 12.2 All
XAP-13346 The XAP_GSA_OPTIONS environment variable is not applied to the script. 12;2 All
XAP-13315 The XAP Manager unevenly deploys instances when there are extra containers. 12.2 All
XAP-13305 Cannot deploy a clustered Space with MemoryXtend and blob-store-cache-query configuration tag. 12.2 All
XAP-13299 Customer client application stops getting notification events when all 20 connections are in use during high load. 12.2 All
XAP-13357 Recovery attempts continued after a Space was marked as unstable. 12.2 All
XAP-13245 Wrong access permissions for xap-common.jar in the installation package. 12.2 All