This section lists the changes that were made in InsightEdge Platform 12.2.X.


This service pack was released in November 2017.


  • GS-13389: Lookup Service (LUS) enhancements to improve stability in environments with large clusters.
  • GS-13417: Add metrics to Lookup Service to facilitate troubleshooting of performance issues

Resolved Issues

  • GS-13430: Inconsistent Request ID type in Manager REST API (string vs. numeric).
  • GS-13427: The REST manager specification contained the wrong request status values.
  • GS-13416: Lookup service improvements resulted in loss of client notifications in rare scenarios.
  • GS-13281: Querying a type with enum on a re-deployed space returns incorrect results.
  • GS-13371: REST calls to Spark failed on machine failover.
  • GS-13383: Insightedge shutdown command on Mac systems doesn’t terminate the gs-agent.


The main version was released in September 2017.

Features and Improvements

  • GS-13295: Pluggable XAP Manager RESTful operations.
  • GS-13355: XAP SQL-99 and JDBC implementation.
  • GS-13358: Enhance gs-agent to support verbs containing -.
  • GS-13313: Enhance REST over Spark.
  • GS-13319: Upgrade to spark 2.2.0.
  • GS-13320: Package InsightEdge example sources.
  • GS-13294: On MemoryXtend, Read operation with projection including only indexed fields executes without unpacking non-indexed fields.
  • GS-13296: Start Spark Master via gs-agent.
  • GS-13292: Upgrade RocksDB version to 5.5.1.
  • GS-13278: Take optimization form Memory Extend in backup .

Resolved Issues

  • GS-13359: An asynchronous connection generated a null pointer, causing a connection/socket leak.
  • GS-13318: When the secured XAP Manager is initialized, it does not start and requests the default file.
  • GS-13346: The XAP_GSA_OPTIONS environment variable is not applied to the script.
  • GS-13315: The XAP Manager unevenly deploys instances when there are extra containers.
  • GS-13305: Cannot deploy a clustered Space with MemoryXtend and blob-store-cache-query configuration tag.
  • GS-13299: Customer client application stops getting notification events when all 20 connections are in use during high load.
  • GS-13357: Recovery attempts continued after a Space was marked as unstable.
  • GS-13245: Wrong access permissions for xap-common.jar in the installation package.
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The complete list of changes is also available in JIRA .