This page describes an older version of the product. The latest stable version is 16.4.

Your First Web Application

Summary: This tutorial explains how your web application can be deployed into the GigaSpaces XAP platform and what are the benefits that can be obtained by doing so

Before You Begin - Set Up Your Environment

Follow these instructions to download and install the latest version of XAP.

If you also wish to utilize the GigaSpaces XAP load balancing agent, you should download and install the Apache 2.2 Http Server.

Deploying Your Web Application on GigaSpaces XAP - Step by Step

This tutorial explains how your existing web JEE web application can benefit from the GigaSpaces platform, showing you how to deploy a simple standard web application into the GigaSpaces environment to achieve high availability and self healing capabilities, how to achieve failover capabilities for your HTTP session and how to access the GigaSpaces data grid from within the web application. This tutorial will also contain in the near future more advanced examples and patterns for web applications which are based on the GigaSpaces Spring PetClinic port


Adding Self-Healing and Automatic Scaling to Your Existing Web Application ~15 minutes

Shows how to take an existing web application (in our case a very simple servlet and JSP example) and deploy it to the GigaSpaces environment to achieve high availability and dynamic load balancer configuration



  • How to deploy a standard web application to the GigaSpaces XAP environment
  • How to define SLA attributes for your web application (minimum and maximum number of instances to maintain)
  • How to configure Apache 2.2 to automatically discover and route traffic to running web container instances using the GigaSpaces load balancing agent


Enabling HTTP Session Failover & Fault Tolerance ~15 minutes

Shows how to back your application’s HTTP session store with the Space to achieve high availability and fault-tolerance



  • How to back the web container’s HTTP session store with the space
  • What are the preferred space topologies for backing the HTTP session


Removing the Database Bottleneck ~15 minutes

Shows how to access the GigaSpaces XAP in memory data grid from within your web application to achieve unparalleled scalability and performance compared to a relational database.



  • Various techniques to connect to the space from the web application
  • How to read from and write to the Space in your web application