This page describes an older version of the product. The latest stable version is 16.4.

Data Grid Clustering

This section describes in detail how In-Memory-Data-Grid clustering works. It covers fail-over, load-balancing and replication facilities.

This section describe into details how the In-Memory-Data-Grid clustering works. It goes into the details of the fail-over, load-balancing, and replication facilities used.

Clustered vs non clustered
Clustered versus Non-clustered proxies.

Consistency level
Consistency level for replicated operations.

Data Partitioning
This section describes GigaSpaces IMDG Load-balancing and data-partitioning facilities.

This section describes GigaSpaces IMDG Failover facilities.

This section gives a detailed description of the Space’s replication mechanism, and how to configure and optimize it.

Split Brain
This section describes Data-Grid cluster split brain and primary resolution flow.

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Data Grid Clustering