This page describes an older version of the product. The latest stable version is 16.4.

Administration Authorities

The Premium and Enterprise editions provide administration authorities for managing and monitoring the grid. For example, a user may have a Grid Authority of type Provision PU, which allows it to deploy and un-deploy in the Grid.

Grid Authority

The Grid Authority consists of privileges for managing the Grid and its Services (GSMs, GSCs, Processing Units).

Provision PU Deploy, Un-deploy of processing units
Manage PU Scale up/down, Relocate, Restart PU instance, Destroy PU instance
Manage Grid Start, Terminate, Restart of GSC/GSM/LUS via GSA

In distributed systems, it may be confusing as to which service is performing the authorization. The GSM is responsible for deploying, un-deploying, scaling, relocating, restarting and destroying of processing units. The GSA (if available) is responsible for starting, terminating restarting of GSC/GSM/LUS. The GSC on the other hand, mainly delegates the calls to the managing GSM (e.g. relocate).


When deploying an elastic processing unit, the Provision PU privilege is not enough - Manage PU and Manage Grid are required as well, since an elastic PU requires scaling and grid management.

Monitor Authority

The Monitor Authority consists of privileges for monitoring the Grid and its Processing Units. Note that the monitoring is secured only by the ‘tooling’ (CLI/UI).

Monitor JVM Monitoring of JVM statistics
Monitor PU Monitoring of Processing Units (classes, connections, statistics, etc.)