This page describes an older version of the product. The latest stable version is 16.4.

Security Admin API

The Administration and Monitoring API provides a way to administer and monitor all on XAP services and components using a simple API. The API, amongst others, provides the ability to operate on the currently running GigaSpaces Agents, XAP Managers, XAP Containers, Lookup Services, Processing Units and Spaces.

Constructing the Admin instance

When using a secured Service Grid, the Admin instance needs to be constructed with a principal which is granted sufficient privileges based on the operations being performed using the administration API. For example, grant Manage Grid to start a Grid Service Manager (GSM) and grant Provision PU to deploy a processing unit.

The following creates an Admin instance with the user “user/password”.

Admin admin = new AdminFactory().addGroup("gigaspaces").credentials("user", "password").createAdmin();

For security other than username/password see [Custom Authentication]

Space Deployment

Deploying a secured Space:

admin.getGridServiceManagers().deploy(new SpaceDeployment("mySpace").secured(true));

Deploying a secured Space with credentials supplied. These credentials propagate to internal services, such as Space Filters.

admin.getGridServiceManagers().deploy(new SpaceDeployment("mySpace").userDetails("myUser", "myPassword"));

Processing Unit Deployment

Deploying a secured Processing Unit. This will deploy a Processing Unit with a secured embedded Space.

admin.getGridServiceManagers().deploy(new ProcessingUnitDeployment("myPu").secured(true));

Deploying a secured Processing Unit with credentials supplied. With this approach, credentials do not need to be hardcoded in the pu.xml declaration. These credential propagate to all the beans which require a proxy to the space.

admin.getGridServiceManagers().deploy(new ProcessingUnitDeployment("myPu").userDetails("myUser", "myPassword"));