This page describes an older version of the product. The latest stable version is 16.4.

Security Guide

This section provides an understanding of GigaSpaces XAP Security, where it fits in the GigaSpaces architecture, which components can be secured, and how to configure and customize the security depending on your application security requirements. XAP Security provides comprehensive support for securing your data, services, or both. XAP provides a set of authorities granting privileged access to data, and for performing operations on services.

Overview of main features

Authentication and Encryption

Authorities and Privileges
Space authorities, Role authorities, and System authorities

Directory Management
Directory Manager, User Manager and Role Manager interfaces

Configurations and defaults

Reference Implementation
An implementation of SecurityManager

Default File Based Security
XAP provides a default security implementation. The implementation uses a local file to store the users and roles.

Administration Authorities
Additional authorities available for administration and monitoring

Securing Components
GigaSpaces XAP has security built over the major server components- GSA, GSM, GSC and also Processing Unit with Space data. This section explains how security relates to each component and the configurations needed to securing your application.

Custom Security
Customize security to meet your application requirements

Spring Security Bridge
Declarative Spring-based custom security bridge

This section explains the administration tools for managing XAP. The GUI provides a handy management tool for managing the users and roles, and comprehensive manageability of the secured components in the system.

Hello World example
Securing the hello world example.