This page describes an older version of the product. The latest stable version is 16.4.

Web Management Console

The XAP web management console is a web application which was designed to enable XAP users to quickly understand the state of a running XAP cluster and monitor the running components, i.e. physical hosts, JVMs and deployed processing units.

Web Management Console
The web management console is a new user interface for XAP allowing users to deploy, manage and monitor their Processing Units and Applications

Configuring various options and customizing the management console.

Starting the console
Reviews the different deployment option of the web management console

This screen enables you to monitor the physical resources of your cluster.

Menu Bar
The menu bar for the web management UI is common across all tabs. It lets you deploy Processing Units and Spaces, view Alerts and Events.

Processing Units
This screen enables you to monitor the physical resources of your processing units.

The Data Grid view provides Space and Space instance navigation, for querying data and viewing class metadata.

This view displays monitoring information about the deployed topology and its components. You can configure your own templates.

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