This page describes an older version of the product. The latest stable version is 16.4.

Deploying REST service with Command Line

XAP provides an interactive command line tool as part of the product. This can be started using command (referred to as GigaSpaces CLI).

This tool provides many commands that can be used to manage and gather information about the various GigaSpaces runtime components. This section describes the commands supported by GigaSpaces CLI.

Deploy Rest service


gs> deploy-rest -spacename [space name] -port [port number]


Deploys a Rest Processing Unit, which starts an embedded jetty and enables interactions with the provided spacename.

The processing unit’s name will be spacename-rest unless the -puname [name] option is provided.

The following deploys rest processing unit and starts a rest service on port 8888 that connects to mySpace.

gs> deploy-rest -spacename mySpace -port 8888
Syntax Description
-spacename [space name] Required - Name of the Space that the rest should connect to.
-port [number] Required - The port which the rest service will be available on.
-puname [processing unit name] Specify the processing unit’s name. Defaults to [spacename]-rest
-lookup-groups [comma separated list] The lookup groups to be used when locating the specified space.
-lookup-locators [comma separated list of host:port] The lookup locators to be used when locating the specified space.
-instances [number] Specify the amount of instances to be deployed. Default to 1
-max-instances-per-vm [number] Specify the number of instances per VM.
-max-instance-per-machine [number] Specify the number of instances per machine.
-zones [comma separated list] Specify the zones that the rest pu can be deployed on
-primary-zone [zone name] Set the primary zone where the processing unit is allowed to be deployed on.
-timeout [time in seconds] Set the timeout for deploying the rest processing unit. Default to 30